Thursday, May 22, 2008

Same day different post!

So now that I have jumped back on the blogging bandwagon I thought I would start with the time line and go from there.

If I had my way we would be ttc right now but alas my smart wife has us waiting until the fall to try and start. Although truth be told I think my dear wife really wants be preggers! But we need to get our finances a little more in line before we start the whole process of making this baby!!!

So the fall it is! I think we have figured out where we want to get the IUI done and it seems like we would actually be able to afford it. The sperm is of course the most expensive part of the process being about $500 a sample. That would make it about $650 for each cycle. It isn't nothing but I think we can swing it. It will mean that we will not be going out for dinner or taking a vacation this summer but if that is what it takes to make a baby then we are willing to do it. Once we have a baby we will not be going out to dinner or going on vacation again anyway so we might as well get used to it.

Here is my things to do list.

1. Make an appointment with the endocrynologist to see what the deal is with my osteopenia and whether this is going to effect my ttc.
2. Make an appointment with the Alternative Insemination of Greater Boston to get more info about what we need to do in preparation for inseminations to start in the fall.
3. Start charting this time for real
4. Take my prenatal vitamin, calcium and vitamin D

Ok so that is it for now...

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