Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009- A Year in Review

It has been quite a year here at Darwin has 2 Mommies. I have been looking back at our posts from last year and it has been interesting to look back. Here are some highlights (and low lights)

We started 2009 with our bfp on Jan 7th.

We took our niece to Amer.can girl doll for her birthday.

We got a new car
Shazam worried about her job
And Super Sammy G barfed...a lot!

We told the family about the baby.
We planned our baby moon.
We celebrated Shazam's 34th birthday
We got our first picture of the baby.
And Super Sammy G barfed...a lot!

We had another ultrasound.
We started cleaning out the would be nursery.

We bought a new mattress.
We started to buy diapers and baby wipes.
Super Sammy G went maternity clothes shopping.
Super Sammy G told her students I was pregnant.
And Super Sammy G barfed...a lot.

We celebrated our first anniversary.
We got some more pictures of baby g.

We went on our baby moon to Puerto Rico.

We bought a stroller.

And Super Sammy G stopped barfing!

We picked a paint color for the nursery.
Shazam lost her job.
Baby G was doing great.
We tried to buy a crib failed and then bought another one.
We celebrated our last Mother's day as non mothers.

Shazam sold her beloved motorcycle.

Shazam painted the nursery and assembled the crib and dresser.

We started accessorizing the nursery.

Super Sammy G lived through hip pain.

We celebrated 4th of July in NH.

Super Sammy G got really sick with pre-eclampsia and hellp syndrome.
Little E was born at 30 weeks 4 days weighing 2lb 5 oz and measuring 14 inches.

Super Sammy G got better.
Little E started her life in the NICU and survived several complications and started to grow.

Super Sammy G celebrated her 36th birthday.
Little E had her first sponge bath.

Little E moved to the intermediate nursery.

We worried a lot.

We cried a lot.

We laughed a lot.

We were regulars in the hospital.
Little E started to learn how to breast feed and drink from a bottle.

Little E had her first tub bath.

Little E moved out of her isolette.

Little E grew tons.
We worried a lot.
We cried a lot.

We laughed a lot.

Little E had a blood transfusion.
Little E got her first round of immunizations.
We celebrated our due date and the Patriots season opener.
Little E passed her car seat test.
We said good bye to the most amazing nurses and doctors.

We brought Little E home.

We had to figure out how to survive without the support of our NICU team.
Little E met Big E

Little E grew and grew.
We still worried alot.
We cried less (well Shazam and Super Sammy G did)

We laughed more than ever.

We went apple picking

We went to the zoo.

We started RSV lock down.
Little E started reflux meds.
We started Early Intervention.
Little E grew some more!
Little E was a lobster for Halloween.

Super Sammy G worried too much.
We laughed much more than we cried.

Little E got her first Synergis shot.
We muddled through the second month of lock down.
Super Sammy G took a grad class online.
Shazam decided to go back to school for a master's in social work.
We tagged a Christmas tree.

Little E survived her first cold.
Super Sammy G survived little E's first cold.
We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family.
Shazam started working out 3 times a week with a personal trainer.
Little E started sleeping through the night.
Super Sammy G still worried too much.
Shazam and Super Sammy G lauged while Little E smiled.

Little E rolled over three times ( I think by accident).
Little E started laughing.
Super Sammy G started getting ready to go back to work.
We celebrated our first Christmas as a family.

We rang in the new year with one of our favorite NICU doctors.
Super Sammy G started to worry less.
We all laughed together.

I must say that 2009 was not my favorite and both Shazam and I were ready for it to be over. We had some great times but when things were bad, they were really really bad. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2010.