Sunday, October 16, 2011

Current Events

I think I am going to end up flip flopping between current and past events so that I am not perpetually behind.

Today I took Little E to a historical house (well really the grounds).  It is super pretty there and they have sheep and chickens that we can go and check out.  I ended up taking some pictures of the girl.  I am pretty proud of some of the shots.  I used to take tons of pictures of my friends kids but somehow I never set out to take so good shots of E.  So today was the day.  It was beautiful in the 60s and sunny.  Here are some of my favorites.

Friday, October 14, 2011


E's Birthday was one of the highlights of the summer.  I  can't believe that E is two already (although by the temper tantrums I would say not so hard to imagine).  We had her party at Mimi and Bubba's house in NH.  The weather was great and I think everyone had a wonderful time.  The theme was pinwheels and I am proud to say I repurposed a lot of the decorations from Ella's owl themed 1st birthday.  We borrowed a friends bouncy house and had a sprinkler for entertainment.  A nice lunch and some cake and we were good to go.
some pinwheel decorations (I made them all!)

I took the owl off her sign and put a pinwheel on.  How green am I!!  

Party favors of Balls and Pinwheels.

Another repurposed decoration.  The Letters are from last years banner.  I made the pennants out of scrapbook paper and added some pinwheels and put it back on the ribbon.

The tent with decorations!

Street sign.

Ella's pinwheel outfit I ordered off etsy.  She looked so cute!

Yummy Pinwheel Cake!

The family!

Enjoying the spinkler!


My girl loves her some cake!!!!  She ate the whole piece and wanted more!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer Recap???

Tons has happened since last I a whole season.  Geez I really need to get back into this.  Since the only way I think I will remember anything is if I write it in the blog.  Poor E will wonder what the heck happened her second year of life.  Only 17 posts in 2011 so far.  Whoops.  Really E stuff happened I promise.

We had a great summer with lots going on including moving and a nice vacation to P-town.  It was nice to be together as a family although I would not recommend leaving for vacation one week after moving.  The week going into the move was really hard.  The move was really hard.  The week following the move was hard and the week after coming home from vacation...hard.  But we are mostly moved into the new place which is great.  We spent the remaining weeks of the summer playing at the pool and getting used to the new place.

I must say it was bitter sweet moving from our old apartment.  I mean it was beyond time as we had outgrown it a long time ago but it was Shazam and my first apartment together.  We got engaged, married, pregnant and brought a baby home there.  There were so many memories tied their.  It just seems strange that we don't live there anymore.

The new place is great though.  Lots of room and tons of storage.  We have so many closets it is great.  I really love the layout and the kitchen is works very nicely.  I am enjoying having a gas stove again after 5 years.

We are back to the grind here with Shazam in her second year of grad school an me back to teaching 6th grade.  E is in daycare 4 days per week this year and I am doing drop off 3 days per week as well as pick up every day.  I am a very tired woman by the time the end of the week comes around.  Shazam is loving her internship at The Brigham and while is hard work ( she is on the gynecological oncology service) she is learning a ton and it will also be very good on her resume.  School for me is going very well.  I had tons of changes with my team this year but it is going really well.  It is nice to teach something for the second time around.  We also have really nice kids this year which is a total bonus.

Little E is doing great.  She still is a little mini but has been gaining weight and now is 27lbs according to our home scale.  She is wearing 2T tops and 12-18 month pants.  The child has the stumpiest legs and a very long torso.  She is enjoying art projects at home and I love getting projects together for her.

She is talking so much more these days (although it is often hard to understand her) and is coming up with more and more multi word phrases.  Her favorite right now is "That's cool."  She is two and is filled with tantrums over the smallest things but is also filled with so much joy. She loves to dance and sing.  She is enjoying books with real plots which is such a nice change from the books with one word and pictures on a page.  I am happy to report that some of her favorites are some of mine as well.  My sister got her Crictor at some point last year and she finally loving it.

 She is also a fan of More Spaghetti I say. 

 I love that she asks for books and our nightly reading sessions are such a nice way to wind down the day.

My goal is to write the blog two to three times per week.  I think I will have to do a bit of a photo dump to highlight the summer at some point.    I really need to find a way to document our time together as a family.  Until next time...