Monday, June 13, 2011

Little E's Big Girl Room

Now that we are moving I have begun to think about changing things up and giving E a big girl room.  I love E's nursery and was very happy with our choices but in some ways that room never developed into what I dreamed it to be.  I never really had the intimate moments I imagined in the room.  Most of my dreams of quietly nursing a newborn Little E were lost in the months following her birth.  Even when she was home we just never spent much time in there.

Since we were team green we have a very gender neutral room of browns and light green with an elephant theme.  It is super cute but I want a little girls room.  I love the color combination of light blue and red.  I just love the idea of a tranquil pretty light blue room.  So I started looking for bedding.  Since E is not close to leaving her crib (I would keep her there forever if I could) and it converts into a toddler bed I started looking for some cute toddler bedding.  I must say it is very lacking.  Most of it was cheap character crap from places like Ta.rget.  I found several sets I liked at a place called babybedding dot com.  The sets are not too expensive and they have some cute modern patterns.  Last week I was hot to trot on the following patterns.

While I think the patterns are cute they just were not what I was looking for.  Obviously I liked the bird patterns.  The first one seemed too busy.  The second had a solid black back on the comforter that I didn't love.  The third seemed like it might be too baby and cutsie.  So off to Etsy I went.  I found loads of places that make custom bedding for babies and toddles but many are soooooo expensive.  Also I just couldn't find any fabrics that I loved.  I did find that the 2nd fabric came in different colors and went searching for a blue version of the Starling pattern.  I found it but it was more purple than I liked.  This lead to that which eventually led to.....

Sherbet P.ips

Oh how I love thee she.rbet pips

The whole collection is super cute and I love that it is girly but not overly so.  So now I have to find someone to make some bedding.  I think it will be so cute.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moving on up

Shazam and I have been in the same apartment for four years.  It was great when we first moved in with each other. While the outside of the house was not in the best condition the inside was fine and had plenty of room for us.  Over the past few years our family has grown and we have grown out of the space of our two bedroom apartment.  Not only are do we need more space in out current place but our land lords have done nothing to keep the place up.  The roof is literally falling off.  Our neighborhood isn't great and our dog was killed in the road outside our apartment.  Those factors added to the fact that we share a house with twenty somethings has made us ready to move.  When our land lord told us our rent would be going up $100/month we really wanted to leave but knew it wasn't in the cards.  We would never be able to swing the money for a bigger place in a better location.  Rents for 2-3 bedrooms in the next town over where we wanted to move were out of our price range at this point.  So we told out land lord that we would be staying put she told us she would mail us a new lease.  But then a great opportunity came our way.  The math teacher on my team owns a two family and his second floor apartment became available.  It is a 3 bedroom plus a study and two bathrooms for only $100 more than our new rent.  The apartment is not perfect but there were so many more pros than cons.  So we took it and we will be be moving at the end of July.  We are beyond excited and are so looking forward to more space and a fresh start.  So I am trying to wrap up the school year, find a mover, and start to pack and purge.  We are looking at paint colors and figuring out what we need for the new place.  I can not wait until we are in our new place.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Tonight is the first night since Little E came home from the hospital that we will be baby free.  Gulp.  I am cureently home alone since Shazam is dropping Little E off at Mimi and Bubba's house for the night.  We are going to a party tonight and needed a baby sitter.  Since we will be headed up to NH tomorrow for a our nephew's birthday party we decided this would be a great time to let E have some time with her grandparents and for Shazam and I to have some alone time.  It just is strange.  I miss her already.  I am worried she will wake up and need me.   I worry I will wake up and need her.  I am sure there will be some tears tonight lets hope they are just mine.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Need a smile?

This made me laugh out loud. If you need to a lift watch. If you don't like the f word don't.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 7-what it doesn't go 2, 7???

Where the heck have I been?  I want to blog but life keeps getting in my way.  Pretty much this darn job is really cutting into my blogging time.  Since miss E decided to wake up early and it is just 6 am I have a little time to do a little catch up.  So starting with 7 lets see how much I can catch up until I have to get ready for work.

Day 7 – What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? If you have children, what are their favorites?
Ok so this is kind of a mean post for me since we just started we.ight watchers yesterday.  I should write that my favorite thing to eat for breakfast is a no fat yogurt, fruit and some water.  Lunch would be a green salad and grilled chicken and some water.  Lunch grilled chicken, grilled veggies and some water.  But what I really want....
Breakfast-  I actually hate breakfast.  I rarely eat before 11 am but my dw loves breakfast so we do go out (used to go out) for breakfast.  When we do I love to get pancakes with a side of bacon.  I actually crumble the bacon on top of the pancakes.  A sweet and salty masterpiece.  I really think that they should offer bacon bits as an option in your pancakes.    I mean really if you can put all sorts of sweet things in pancakes why not the savory.  One day I am going to actually ask them to do this.  I could start a new craze.  
Lunch-An Italian sub with everything (including hots), toasted.  Yum.  There have been two times in my life I could not have an italian sub.  The first was when I was living in N.C.  for the life of me I could not find a decent one.  It was one of the reasons I had to move back home.  Seriously it made me so homesick every time I had a crappy italian sub.  I would have my mom have one in the car when she picked up at the airport.  The second italian sub free time was when I was pregnant with Little E.  We joked that the first thing I wanted when I gave birth to the baby was an italian sub.  That was all the "push" present (which I think is so stupid by the way-the reward for childbirth...the holding your god dam baby).  Anyway things did not go as planned and I was neither in the mood or healthy enough to have my italian sub after little E was born.  I actually refused to eat one until she came home from the hospital.  It just seemed wrong to celebrate her birth fully until she was home.
Dinner-I would say anything italian.  I love pasta (boy does ww suck right now).  My favorite place to get pasta from is Comella's.  It is so yummy.  I get Grandpa's Mess.  Which is a whole mess of different pasta's red sauce, cheese, meatballs and italian sausage.  Yum Yum Yum.

So now that I am starving....I will go take a shower and eat some non fat greek yogurt and think of how much better I will look and feel when we get to family week in p-town the first week in august.  Anyone else going to be there?  I would love to meet up.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day3 Guilty Pleasures

Sorry to all my vegetarian and healthy readers.  I love me a quarter pounder with cheese!

I don't think I could have gotten through E's nicu time without lifetime movies.  I watch so many when I got up to pump and couldn't fall back to sleep.  Truth be told though...I loved them long before the nicu. I love the waste an afternoon watching slutty ladies, murderers and kidnappers.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2 blog of the day 2

Wow I am on a roll today.  I am actually completing day 2 on day 2!  Thanks for checking in.  I am glad to see that my hiatus did not cause me to lose all my readers.

Day 2 -Describe your high school self.  What extracurricular activities, if any, did you participate in during high school?

This was me at 14 in Europe.  I was such a brat.  My sister and mother also look like they are having a delightful time don't they!  The scariest part that is was during the first few days of the trip.  I can only imagine some of the pictures that were captured towards the end of our two week adventure.  Please remind me of this picture when Shazam and I decide that a European vacation is a great idea when Little E is 14.  

This picture really isn't a true reflection of who I was in high school but I certainly had my moments.  I was actually pretty happy in high school.  I wasn't part of the popular crew but I had a core of great friends.  I was a gymnast and most of my non school time was taken up by practice and competitions in both my Y team and my high school team.  I often went from one practice to another.  I was in phenomenal shape and ate about 6 meals per day.  I was an average to above average student and pretty much the same type of gymnast.  I didn't mind not being the star.  I work really hard for my B grades and was diagnosed with a learning disability in the 11th grade.  This really made a difference for me and made so many of my struggles make sense.  Once I more fully understood how my brain worked it was amazing how much easier school was.  It made senior year and college so much more productive and successful.  High School was not the best years of my life but it was fun.  I don't miss being a teenager but I think I came through pretty unscathed.

Since you have not seen any photos of Little Miss E I will leave you with a few recent shots.

I am back

So I took a blogging vacation.  Not because I didn't have anything to say but because perhaps I had too much.  I decided I was going to blog starting on the first of June.  Perhaps doing the blog challenge so many of us are doing but last night I was overwhelmed with watching the serious thunder storms and tornado warnings on the tv.   So I am a day late on the first blog challenge and this blog really says nothing about how we are all doing.  I promise I will let you all in on the exciting and not so exciting adventures our family has been on for the last 2.5 months.

Day 1 – Provide a picture of the space where you normally blog

Well since I have not blogged in so long I thought instead of the cute pictures everyone else had up I would leave a blank spot.  I am currently in my classroom.  Should I be working yes but instead I am getting back on my blog wagon.  I wonder if there is anyone still reading.  I would love a quick comment that I am not writing to the wind.

See ya later today for day 2.