Monday, March 30, 2009

Naughty Avocado Indeed!

So as Shazam reported earlier I am home sick. I have had a headache for the past few days but felt better over all. This morning I woke up sick but went to work anyway. I thought I might be having a caffeine headache since I have a half a cup at work but don't drink any on the weekend. So I got to work and drank some coffee. I knew it was a risk but had to try. No go on that. I then tried to eat something. It was close to 10 and I had not eaten anything yet. That really went poorly and I decided that I should call it a day. I drove home willing myself not to hurl (good thing it is a short drive) and threw up several times when I got home. I have eaten a little since then (I am both nauseous and hungry at the same time) I also got some Ty.lenol down so perhaps my headache will go away too. I currently feel like poo on a stick. Darwin has been a little under the weather for the past few days so we are chilling on the couch together. I thought I turned a corner! I guess not so much.

Since I am home I thought I would post the nursery furniture we are digging of late. I think it may be a winner for several reasons:

1. It is modern design
2. Reasonably priced
3. We like the color
4. The crib is drop sided which is good for the height challenged such as myself

We will be getting the crib and the changer dresser combo. I don't think we will need the 5 drawer dresser but who knows.

B.abi Ita.lia Sca.ndi

Naughty Avocado!

Overall SSG is feeling much better but she seems to have had a setback today. I just got a call from her to say she's going home because she's been throwing up all morning while at school. SSG never takes time off when she's sick or leaves so you know she is feeling horrible. The crazy thing is she had a great weekend and overall feeling much better. The little avocado (size of Baby G in week 16) seems to be teasing SSG a bit. (sigh) I thought we had rounded the corner but I guess it was a bit premature or SSG will unfortunately be one of those women that are sick throughout the pregnancy. Poor thing.

This past weekend seemed to be filled with lots of activities with a 3 hour nap thrown in on Saturday and another nap thrown in on Sunday. SSG actually went on a school trip to Fox.woods on Friday after school while I was in my hometown trying to relive my youth, playing in a HS alumni basketball game. We both had a great time, SSG game back with an extra $100, and we both got in really late...hence the 3 hour nap on Saturday. The rest of the weekend we did a lot of crap clean out and organizing. Yes, it still continues. We made great progress, with a big load of trash and a load to go to Goo.dwill to show for it. We're getting there! I have no clue at what point people get their nursery all ready but I suppose it's personal preference. We have plenty of time and at least for me, I am being a bit cautious I guess. We have an OB appointment/ultrasound on April 14th so I would prefer to make sure everything is still going okay to really proceed with painting, getting furniture, etc.. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kids are cute

Some of my kids made me a card today. There is nothing better than a card made on oak tag with cray-pas! Made me kind of well up! Jack walked in my room and said "Way to go Ms. G!!!"

Telling the Kids

So I decided to tell the kids about the pregnancy yesterday. It was fun and I gave them the riddle below to solve. Most kids were very excited. Many wanted us to name the child after them. One in particular wanted me to name the baby Oliver so his initials will be O.G. (oh gee!) Oh 13 year-olds they are a funny bunch. Some didn't get the riddle and I have some kids that are asking today if I am pregnant. Oh the slow to love them too! I am pretty proud of my riddle! Can you solve it??

Answer the following questions to solve the riddle. Use the elements chemical symbol to spell out the answer to the question.

What is the big secret?

1. What element has the atomic number of 72.64?

2. What element is also an American coin?

3. What element has 68 electrons?

4. What element has 0 neutrons?

5. What element has 33 protons?

6. What element 81 neutrons?

7. What element has an atomic mass of 10.81?

8. What element has an atomic number of 39?

9. What element has 49 electrons

10. What element do we fill balloons with?

11. What element has 99 neutrons?

12. What element has an atomic mass of 9.012?

13. What element has 3 protons?

Sunday, March 22, 2009


So my Mom volunteered to take me shopping for some maternity clothes. So off to the mall we went. Our first stop was The G.ap. It went really well. I got three pairs of pants and about 5 tops. I need to get 2 of the pants shortened but that is what one gets for being a short girl. We went to J.C pen.ny and picked up another shirt and a sweater. We finished at Ko.hls with three pairs of pants and a couple of shirts. I am very happy with my new duds and I am sure people will be happy not to see me in the same one pair of maternity jeans I have been wearing every other day. I will post pictures as soon as Shazam gets home. I think I look quite cute!

On other notes we are loving the new bed. So roomy, it was definitely the right decision. I finally figured out how to get the baby book open so we could take the daddy pages out and put our two mommy pages in. We also bought the pregnancy pages and some additional pages to add. Now we need to start actually writing in the darn thing. Being the second child my baby book is a bit sparse although my Mom commented today that she actually is surprised that there was as much in there as there was. Thanks Mom! It does have my weights to age 6 which were crazy. I started at 5 lbs 2 oz, left the hospital at 4 lbs 12 oz and topped off at 30 lbs at age 6! Yes I think I would have been in my infant car seat in the first grade! I was a wee one that is for sure! I am hoping that our baby is a bit bigger although childbirth may be a bit more pleasant with a wee one. I guess that may be why my Mom says that natural childbirth is fun.

On another note I see that some bloggers take questions from their readers. Anyone with a burning question for either Shazam and I? Feel free to ask.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lazy Blogger

I feel like I have been slacking on my blogging duties. Sorry folks.

The big news of today is that our new mattress is in our bedroom. I am very excited about our first night and whether or not we will notice the increased space. Looks great and since we don't have a head board or foot board I don't think it really takes up much more space in the room. So now we can all stretch out and sleep more comfortably.

Since I am starting to show and so many people at school know about the pregnancy, I thought it was time to talk to my principal about next year. It went surprisingly well. My principal (I will call her G) is known for her inappropriate comments and reactions to people when they share they are pregnant. Last year my friend told G that she was pregnant and the first thing she said was, "Well that is bad timing I wish it was for a different month since I will have to try to hire someone in the summer." This year when a teacher returned after miscarrying 2 of her triplets G asked the poor grieving woman if she was still considered high risk and whether she would need to miss any school. She never even offered her condolences. So I went into my meeting prepared for some asinine comment. I was kind of hoping that she would ask who the father was. I was so ready to list several male colleagues and tell her we were waiting to see what the baby looked like to see which one it was. Unfortunately she actually said she was happy for me. She did then tell me it would be difficult to find a sub and that my timing could have been better. At least she said congrats first though.

Other than letting her know that I would be out on maternity leave for 12 weeks this coming fall I also wanted to see what she thought about starting the year. Since I am due 9/14 I was kind of dreading having to come back and start the year. I work on the third floor and the thought of going up and down for fire drills and escorting my students to assemblies was making me feel tired and my feet hurt. Mine is not a job that you can sit down and lay low. Anyway after looking at the calender G thought it would be best if I didn't start the year in the fall. We called HR and found out that I just need to get a Drs note saying I can't work and I can use sick days up to my due date since I have over 70 of them (they roll over every year and I rarely take sick days).  It is great since I won't have to drag myself in to school to set up my classroom and work for a week or two. Also my sub will be able to start with the new teachers and get oriented and can start off on the right foot. So I will be out until mid December unless we decide that I should take more time so that I don't have to go back until after Christmas break. Shazam needs to crunch some numbers and see what we can swing. It also means that I only have 60 days of work until I am on my extended break of my summer vacation and maternity leave. This adds up to almost 6 months. Wow as I write that I know people will kind of hate me. I am sure that by June I will be very ready to be off my feet.

I have left a message for daycare provider #2 since she never called me back. I hope she lets me know there is a spot for Baby G. If no,t we will be going with daycare #1. Keep your fingers crossed on that one since provided #2 is cheaper and it was our first choice.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I can sleep in late tomorrow since I didn't get into my yoga class this week. I am also going maternity clothes shopping on Sunday with my Mom which should be fun and is very needed since I have been wearing my one pair of maternity jeans almost every day. I have lots of school work to get done this weekend so tomorrow I need to be productive. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Milk, Cereal, Baby Wipes...

I'm a project manager by profession. I'm constantly planning, budgeting, making list (oooh do I love lists!) and this most certainly carries over to my personal life. As you can imagine the arrival of Baby G in 6 months has me in a frenzy. My brain is in overdrive pretty much most of the time. As I sometimes complain, mentally it's exhausting to be me. When it comes to creative budgeting and getting the most out of every paycheck, well I'm a master. I don't ever "toot my own horn" but when you've been doing it for like 10+ years, one becomes quite good at it. With all this in mind SSG and I have started incorporating diaper and wipes purchasing into our regular weekly food shopping trips. It may seem a bit silly but if we can here and there pick up a pack of diapers or wipes we feel like it won't be such a financial hit later theory anyway.

SSG is still very up and down, with her good days and bad. We certainly feel blessed that she's entered her 2nd trimester and all is going well. Allergies seem to be the biggest problem for her. As soon as trees start to come alive in the spring it's not pretty. So, not much else report. Hanging tight and just trying to take care of Momma G.  

This just costs to adopt my child...$1,000.  Ouch. Know the budgeting skills I talked about? Guess I need to utilize those skills and pull $1,000 from somewhere! Like my ass.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy, Busy!

Knowing SSG absolutely felt craptastic on Friday during the day, I decided to stop by Trader.Joe's and load up with every freakin frozen fruit possible, as well as other ingredients, to make some healthy smoothies. A good friend of mine said it may help SSG feel better. Something about the coldness. I got home and she looked much better than I expected. Clearly the 2 1/2 hour nap helped. I whipped up a pineapple/raspberry/banana smoothie which she drank right up. I'm now officially the smoothie maker and I have a feeling I'll be making a lot of them!

So on to the weekend which was quite busy. SSG woke up on Saturday feeling 100% better and off to prenatal yoga we went. I sat in my usual "dad" area in the store, drinking my coffee, and watching TV. We then had to go get a gift for the daughter of SSG's best friend and made some stops on the way. We got home, soon to discover I accidentally shut my cat in the front closet and she was there for oh 4-5 hours. I felt horrible! She looked a little pissed...oh wait, she a cat, she looks pissed most of the time. We then spent our Saturday evening celebrating our friend's daughter's 1st birthday. We had a  lot of fun and smartly left at a reasonable time.

On to Sunday....I played basketball Sunday morning while SSG chilled but when I got home and showered it was off to go mattress shopping. Currently we have a full size bed and well, it's too small now and with SSG only getting larger over the next 6 months it was time to move up to a queen. Ok I don't know if anyone has gone mattress shopping but it's quite the ordeal. First of all you feel like a complete idiot in the middle of the store lying side-by-side on a mattress with the sales person looking at you. It's just odd. We started at Jor.dan's Funiture, found a bed we liked, but thought we could do better price wise. Here's the tricky part. Every mattress store names their mattress models different. They all have generally the same brands but they call them different things. What the hell is that all about? After a little driving around and looking we found a queen set for like $700 off! We spent a little more than we wanted but I don't think you can skimp on a mattress. I mean we're talking sleep! The mattress is actually coming tomorrow so we're excited.

The day also entailed going to a large baby furniture store that also has strollers. We walked through the entire huge store and saw NOTHING we liked. We don't like very traditional furniture and it was all pretty much that. We also aren't fans of the convertible cribs because one side of the crib is taller. It looks strange to us and it limits to how you can place the crib. We're looking for something more modern so it may be an on-line purchase for us. For those of you that don't know, SSG is obsessed with strollers. I mean the woman has been researching for months if not like a year. She's made the rounds with all the brands but in the store we saw the Quin.ny Buzz. We both like the looks of it, the weight, and the Ma.xi-cosi car seats fit in them. So that's our front-runner...for now.

Overall busy weekend, but a fun one. We can now officially say SSG is in her 14th week and apparently Baby G is the size of a lemon! 


Friday, March 13, 2009

You Know You Made a Good Decision When...

....your own primary care physician picked the same OB group and hospital as you! I had the dreaded 'nether region' appointment where you get close and personal with your doctor yesterday and wouldn't you know I walk in and there is my doctor looking all cute and preggers! Ironically we were at the OB office the same day she was a while back and someone said to her, "Hey we just had two of your patients in here." She put it together and there you have it. She's due like a month before us and she's having twins. Of course I'm thinking about if she's coming back to work. Horrible but I absolutely LOVE my doctor and if you have a good GP you have to hang on to them! Good news is she is  eventually. So anyway, after I told SSG of this crazy news we both agreed that we made a fantastic decision. The heck with Dr. Wonderful.

Ok, on to this whole "corner" that everyone keeps freakin' talking about, that SSG is supposed to turn any day now. Not so much. Despite having a good dinner and going to bed early SSG is rough shape today. She threw up this morning and according to her e-mails she feels beyond horrible. The plan is to get her to bed ASAP tonight. I'm going to stop on my way home and get some ingredients to make some good smoothies for her. We'll see if that does the trick but I suspect a good night sleep is more of what she needs.

As far as the weekend goes, we have some plans to go to her best friend's house in the evening as it's her daughter's 1st birthday. Should be fun and hope SSG feels okay and is up for it. Then on Sunday we are going to look at mattresses, perhaps buy one, and we're going to a baby furniture store to look around. Should be fun! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

2nd Parent Adoption

You know when you know the answer to something but you don't like it so you ask a second opinion? This is what I have been doing in regards to 2nd parent adoption.

In our hearts and minds this baby is both mine and Shazam's. We created it together and the only difference is that I share DNA and Shazam does not. I truly feel that genetics does not make a parent so Shazam is as much baby g's parent as I am. That said the law seems to feel differently.

I was hoping that since Shazam and I are legally married and will be able to put both my name and Shazam's name on the birth certificate at the hospital that we would be able to avoid the whole 2nd parent adoption.

I read some stuff online but thought I should actually ask someone who knows the law. I called my friend Amy whose mother is a law professor. She called the woman who wrote the actual law, and now I have the answer. Of course it was not what I wanted. We do of course need to do the 2nd parent adoption. It makes me mad. If I am legally married why do we have to jump through all these hoops while the hetero couples just get to walk out of the hospital with their birth certificates. Not only is it make me feel like second class citizens but the money is making me feel sick.

Of course we will do it. Shazam's parents live in NH and we will be there all the time. My extended family lives in VT and we are there multiple times a year. Staying in the state of Massachusetts is just not an option for the rest of this child's life. So today I am looking for a lawyer. Instead of looking obsessively at strollers and car seats I must spend my free time figuring how much it is going to cost us to make our child our child.

From what I can gather it should be pretty straight forward. We should be able to get the home study and waiting period. From what I can see we will need a cori (criminal background check), the marriage certificate, the birth certificate, and some affidavits. I guess I will find out what else we need when we meet with a lawyer. Argh!

Anyone do this already and can tell me their experience? Would love to hear how it works.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ramblings and Nonsense

I'm sitting here at work, trying to kill about 30 minutes of time. I could leave but I left early yesterday for our OB appointment and will have to leave early tomorrow for my own doctor's appointment. Bottom line is I have time to make up and I apparently I'm not motivated to work. Therefore I'm going to just blurt out random things that are most likely not very interesting. What can I say this is how my brain works. As my good friend said the other day, my brain is like a hamster on a wheel...constantly moving. I really wish I had an off switch...

1. I asked SSG to be a hard-ass and make me go running so I can get back in shape. I'm about 15 pounds over what I think I should be and it's making me feel horrible on multiple levels. She did this last night and while I was only out there for 20 minutes my legs are so sore it hurts to sit down on the freakin' toilet. My quads feel like they're going to rip in half. Oh boy do I have a long way to go.

2. We are still waiting to hear from our first choice family daycare and it's making me anxious. Apparently they are waiting for a current family to decide if they are going to stay so it all depends on that. I really would like to go there because honestly it will save us $100 a month as compared to the first place we looked. Call back dammit!

3. I'm really looking forward to April 14th for the ultrasound that will be at week 18. Apparently this is a long ultrasound and one not to miss! Lots of details and lots of growth so it's supposed to be amazing. I hope we don't accidentally see something (if it's a boy)! Truth be told I would really love a girl so we can use my grandmother's name. Obviously a healthy baby is the top priority but I'm just being honest.

4. I have to share this (sorry SSG) SSG and I often look at her belly and when we were on the couch the other night we discovered that she has a single white hair growing out the center of her bellybutton. We were pissing ourselves laughing and wondering if this pregnancy is giving her odd hair growth! Seriously, we were in tears. Who knew there would be a hair follicle in there!

5. I got my federal tax returns already which means...a bigger bed! SSG and I are going mattress shopping for a queen size bed this weekend. I can't wait though I suspect SSG will still be all squished against me trying to get close. What can I say, the woman digs me.

Ok, I'm out of here though I'm a little afraid to go home! I think SSG is going to crack the whip again and I'll be headed to the gym. (Gulp)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good Appointment

We just got back from our appointment and all is well with baby g and mama g. We got to meet our Dr. today which was nice since she was at a delivery last time. The funny thing is that she was running late because of a delivery today. We booked our next appointment for a day which she is not on call. It was a quick appointment. I don't really have any questions. Should I? I feel kind of bad but I feel like all is progressing normally. Perhaps I will have some questions next time. We heard the baby's heartbeat again. It is so cool. I must say it was much louder this time an the Dr had no problem finding it. I really liked Dr D she is young and fun and looks like a great person to deliver my baby. I hope she does. We have our next appointment in 5 weeks so that we can get our ultrasound done the same day as our appointment. I can't wait to see how much baby g has changed and grown by then. I will be 18 weeks so cool. It is 2 days after our anniversary. Not a bad present I would say. The week after we are off to PR for the baby moon.

On mama health notes I am glad to say my pee stick was normal, my blood pressure low, and surprise surprise my weight exactly the same as when I was there a month ago. I know I will be gaining weight and I am alright with it. I just am dreading the scale a little. I am the heaviest I have ever been and was hoping that I would have gotten back to a lower weight before I got pregnant. But that didn't happen. So when I went for my first ob appointment at 8 weeks I was 139. I have never topped 140 so I was expecting and dreading them having to move that darned 10lb weight over to the 140 this time. I know I will be gaining 25-30 lbs I know it is normal and healthy. I just think those 10lb jumps are the hardest. So I was surprised to see 139 on the scale again (138.8 if you want to be exact since it was a digital). I guess that is what happens when you throw up half of what you eat. I know next month I will be over 140 but maybe by then when I have my cute baby bump it won't be as bad.

A Good Appointment To Come and A Baaad Appointment

I'll give the good appointment first.  Today we have our monthly appointment to check on the "shrimp" (apparently that is how long it is). We also finally get to meet our doctor who we hear rave reviews about....well unless she's delivering a baby again. Not expecting anything too earth-shattering as SSG seems to be moving along, having a very normal pregnancy. The nausea and occasional barfing are still lingering in Week 13 and I keep crossing my fingers that she'll round the corner soon. Apparently from what we hear all of a sudden she could feel like 100 times better and have all this energy. I'll believe it when I see it and I hope to see it soon. We've also decided that SSG can't survive on one pair of pregnancy pants. Her regular pants are well snug. She's uncomfortable so we're going to have to do something about that. While most can't tell she's pregnant we can tell. She's getting just a little baby bump but her belly definitely is changing. I constantly am either touching her belly or looking at her belly in utter amazement thinking about what is going on in there.

Now on to a bad appointment that doesn't have anything to do with us, but our blog namesake, Darwin the beagle. Let me start by saying that while most dogs/cats don't generally like the vet Darwin over the past few years really HATES the vet. He feels the way probably most feel about the dentist. He's already a completely neurotic hound so add a vet visit and well it's unpleasant for everyone. A couple of weeks ago he had his yearly check-up where apparently he has some sort of fungal infection in one of his ears. He was a mess at this visit. Scared to death, crying, tail between the legs, aggressive because he was scared, and scared enough to well just poop on the floor. It literally scared the crap out of him. 

So they sent us home with ear drops. Not a big deal except again, he's neurotic, and he hates having his ears looked at/messed with. SSG and I discovered quickly that giving him drops was not going to be an easy task. He nips when we try and trying to get a muzzle on is impossible. We now resort to sneak attacking him and trying to get medicine in when he least expects it. It's ridiculous and we're successful like every other day. He now knows what the bottle looks like which doesn't help. 

Cut to last night...we had a follow up to check on his ear. Pull in the parking lot and he has a look of terror. We drag him in and the crying, get me the hell out of here behavior is in full-force. Darwin just hears the vet's voice and he's under the  chair. We go into the room and shortly the vet walks in and tries for about 5 minutes to muzzle him and he is just trying to bite so badly and is so distressed she decides that she just can't look in his ear. It was a whole hell of a lot of drama and not fun for Darwin, SSG, the vet, or myself. We were really concerned that he was so stressed. Going forward we're told we're going to have to freakin' sedate him to go to the vet which of course I'm thinking "how much is THAT medicine going to cost?" Until then SSG and I will continue to try to be stealth-like and get that medicine in his ear. I do love Darwin dearly but as SSG said to the vet last night, "He's always been kind of an ass."

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Crap Room...oops I meant the nursery

As many of you know Shazam and I are apartment dwellers. One of the first thing people ask when they find out we are pregnant is when we are going to buy a house and move. The answer, not anytime soon. We have a great apartment in a two family house with two bed rooms. We actually have plenty of room. We can comfortably fit a baby in our apartment, so we will be staying put for a little while. One of my top reasons for staying is our commute. Shazam and I both work in the town next to where we live. My commute to work is less than 1.5 miles and Shazam's in about 4. We love our short commutes. I look forward to next year when I can pick up the baby and be home in less than 10 minutes. So while a nice yard for the hound would be great I am happy to set up our little home for our family right were we are. We can afford it and geez didn't trying to have more than you can afford get us into the mess we are in now???

Although we have some time before the baby gets here we have started to work on the 2nd bedroom so that a baby can live in there. When we moved into the apartment we decided that we would make the 2nd bedroom a craft room. It was great we went to i.kea and bought a work table and chairs and used the built in shelves for our supplies. We also used the room to store our surplus items, sports card collection, photos, camping equipment, sporting equiment, extra clothes, books and well every thing else we couldn't find a place for in the rest of the apartment. It soon became the crap room. With the wedding it only became worse. I have decided that having an extra room in ones house is a very bad thing! It allows you to keep things you should have thrown away years ago. Things when you look at them again you think, I moved that how many times???

We have done several sweeps of the room in the past few months. We started when we started ttc. But still the room has crap in it. We bought a bookshelf and moved the books out to the livingroom. We consolidated craft supplies. We emptied the closet of clothes that we never use. I went through my pictures and threw away all the crappy ones and sorted out my school ones and brought them to school. Shazam is working very hard on the sports cards and has culled them down and gotten them out of the 2' x 2' x 2' box and most into nice card boxes. We have sorted through old letters and thrown away half burnt candles that we had been keeping for some unkown reason. So after many trash bags and trips to the thrift store it is getting better.

Some things were harder to part with than others. I have to keep repeating that the memories of the person don't go away when you get rid of the stuff but still it is hard. I had several items that my grandmother had brought back from Africa. They were just carved animals, trinkets really, but I felt bad for letting them go. Even though the antelope had lost its antler and the water buffalo had a broken ear they were still hard to part with. I gave them to good will though. The weren't one of a kind and although they reminded me of my grandmother they aren't her. I did keep the dress she brought me from Kenya and perhaps if we have a girl she will wear it one day and of course hanging in my closet is her blue ginham polyester pant suit that she wore all the time and have pictures of her in on every continent (except Antarctica the only one she didn't get to visit). Truth be told I can understand why she wore that pant suit all the time. I tried it on once and boy is that thing comfy and I swear even though it is from the late 60s that thing is still perfect. I am saving it for my Mum when she gets to retierment age and I am sure it will be all ready for me when I am taking my senior trips with Shazam in 40 years. I swear they don't make things like they used to!

So we are plodding through our things which sometime I mistake for memories, to make room for the new ones we will make with our baby. Fully knowing that in a few years when we do move from our apartment into a house I will be packing up all those little socks not being able to part with the memories of when our baby was so small completly forgeting about the lessons we learned getting ready for the baby to come live with us.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I am feeling sad today. I read a wide variety of blogs some about adoption, some infertility, some about gay parenting and ttc, some about grief, and some about daily life. I like the blogs that I check, I enjoy seeing the ups and feel for the writers when they are down. Today I feel for a fellow blogger who is having a major bump in the road. All night I couldn't get her out of my mind and still this morning she and her husband are on my mind. Words can not express how I feel and would never touch the emotions that they are feeling. So all I can say is that I am thinking about you and I will send as much healing energy towards you that I can. Hugs across the Internet friend.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I am feeling a little run down with a cold today. Nothing full blown just some post nasal drip and a very sore throat. It is making teaching kind of yucky today. One of the hazards of the job...these kids keep bringing in germs. You would think by now I would have been exposed to every bug imaginable.

I didn't sleep great and had to get up and gargle salt water in the middle of the night last night. Yuck. Today I am living on tea with honey and the knowledge that tomorrow is Friday. One more class to teach, a meeting, and then the nanny job. Sophie has a play date and they want to go back to my school and look at rocks and minerals with me (crazy kids!). It will keep them busy for a while at least so that is good. No baby news. Though I think my kid is quite cute! I think s/he has my nose! I emailed my sister a picture and have not heard anything back from her. I guess I should be happy that she didn't say anything snarky but you would think one could right back and say something. I wasn't planning on sending it to her but my mother made me. She actually thinks my sister is going to be excited that I am having a baby. In reality I know my sister could not be more pissed as it means that she will get less attention. Oh well...going to make more tea.

Monday, March 2, 2009

What a Difference 4 Weeks Make!

We don't usually do this but I just have to post for the third time in a day. After a disappointing phone call canceling the 12 week scan in the morning, we got the call around 11:00am that if we were available the appointment was on. Oddly I got a call this morning from my bosses boss that heading into work was optional due to the snow. Never in my 12 years of working has that happened (for us office dwellers I'm sure you can relate) so I took advantage of this rare opportunity. I did some shoveling, watched TV, and did some other household chores before heading out. They must have had lots of cancelations because we were in and out in about 30 minutes. 

Okay, here's the fun part!  The difference between the week 8 and this week 12 scan was amazing. Instantly when the ultrasound started we could easily make out a small little baby with a round head and a little body. It was just lounging around. The funny thing is the baby needs to be a certain way for important measurements and well, baby G was not cooperating. The tech had SSG move to her side and boy did that wake him/her up! They were squirming all around and limbs were moving and suddenly this distinct arm and hand was raised up as if to say, "Hello! See you in September!" I of course being the sports lover thought immediately that it looked like he/she had her hand up to catch a ball. It was amazing and perhaps the most amazing thing was the tech and the doctor both said everything looks good and all measurements looked great. Music to our ears! They took blood and they will only contact us if there is something doesn't look quite right and early March she'll have more blood tests for 
other screenings. Next decision is whether to do an amnio just to be on the safe side. I think that we're leaning that way but I'm sure we'll discuss it more.

Anyway without further ado here is Baby G at week 8 and then week 12!

super snow day!

So they just called to ask if we still wanted to come in for our appointment! Uh yeah! So now we are actually going in early (well 20 min but still) . So we get to see the lime today! fun fun. Shazam is out shoveling (one thing I don't miss while pregnant). I am off to do our taxes so that perhaps we can go get a new mattress. The day is looking up people.

Stupid Snow Day

So both Shazam and I are home from work today for a snow day. I'll take a bonus snow day (even if it means I will now be in school until the 24th of June!) Unfortunatly our NT scan for today was canceled and I don't know when it will be rescheduled. They offered a Wednesday afternoon appointment but I can't do it because of my nanny job. I really wanted to get it over with and find out if we would need to get the amnio. I am week 12 and the last day they can do the scan is week 13 day 6 so that is cutting this a bit close. Hopefully I will get a call back soon so I can figure out how I will need to adjust my week. I have a feeling I will be missing some school to get this done. To top it off it is 9 am and it has totally stopped snowing. Did they really need to cancel my appointment. I mean really we live in New England. It snows here we should be used to this but maybe it is worse on the roads I can see. I am trying to enjoy my day off with my wife. But I want them to call so I know when I will get to see the little lime! I am hoping that it looks more like a baby and less like a blob this time.