Friday, January 22, 2010


Now that I am back at work I am so busy I have not had a chance to blog in a week. I am going to try to be better about updating but I may need my wife to pick up my slack although she is pretty busy at home so we will have to see what happens.

Ella is still not sleeping through the night but most nights it is much better. If she only wakes up one time to eat I can deal. Espesially if my lovely wife gets up with her. I am getting a pretty good am routine and can shower pump and get out the door before 7 am. This morning we all over slept and I had to get out the door in 20 min. I still mananaged to pump for 15 min but that meant no shower for Super Sammy G today.

I am finding it tough to pump at work but am doing the best I can. I guess the biggest problem is that every day my schedule is different. Some days my prep periods are all in the morning, others are spread out and others they are all in the end. Add that to the fact that I have to pump in what I call the pumping cave in the basement in the girls lockeroom and it makes for not an optimal situation.

While on the pumping topic let's talk about supply. When in the NICU my supply was great. We brought little E home to a freezer packed with milk. Over the last 3 months my supply has been dropping and E's appitite has been increasing. Our freezer supply ran out a week or so ago and we had to start supplementing with formula. I had wanted to breast feed for a year but as we all know what I wanted and what actually happens often are not the same thing. I am not against using formula I just wanted to give E the best possible food. Now that she is a preemie I am really hoping to continue to give her b.m. until at least the end of RSV season in May. I used all the old tricks to increase my supply to no avail so I started taking a week ago. I think I am responding to the drug very well and my supply is up. Yeah! The only problem is that it is not available comercially in the US so my only options is buying from Canada or having it compounded. I got it compounded at a pharamcy in the town I work in. I am very happy to have a facility so close to us that will make it. There are only a few phamacies in the country that do. Also the geeky side of me thinks it is totally cool that the pharmacist took chemicals off a shelf and synthesized the drug just for me. I wanted to aks if I could watch him do it. I think that if I didn't totally suck ass at organic chemistry I would have totally wanted to do this. Also if I had known that is what pharmacists really do (not just count pills) I may have paid more attention in organic chemistry and tried to be a chem/phar major! That said I am totally annoyed that it is not coverd by insurance. It pisses me off that they will pay for a man to get a boner and not for me to supply food for my baby!

Ok off the soap box.

Little E has been really working on her reaching grabbing and using her hands lately. She has taken to pulling on my hair and necklace and really likes her toys. It is great to watch. She is sporatically rolling over from her tummy to her back but everything needs to be perfect to have that happen. She also is begining to try to move around on her tummy often moving hersef towards a toy she wants. She doesn't get very far but I think she is pre army crawl. She is really getting good at tummy time and is holding her head and upper body up quite a bit.

Here are some of the latest pictures from the last few weeks!

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Aww, Ella looks wonderful. And so serious in the "flying" pose, it makes me chuckle!

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