Friday, June 4, 2010

Well That Is Embarrassing

Wow. I'm embarrassed by my blog slacking personally and just in general. I have no good excuse except that being a mom has kind of swallowed me up a bit. I guess that's why moms make reference to "losing themselves" a bit. I'm totally consumed with Little E, diapers, laundry, etc.. To say I'm looking forward to SSG being done school in a couple weeks is an understatement and I will probably regret this later, but I am looking forward to school starting in September. I don't really consider myself on overly extroverted, social person but damn to I crave adult interactions.

I also don't want to come off like I am complaining that I've had the opportunity to stay home for a bit. I think I've done a pretty good job considering I don't think I am a natural at this. Little E is thriving and a super-happy baby. She will be 11 months old next week (what?!), she is probably around 20 pounds, she's doing a great job eating, she crawls like a champ, she pulls to standing, NEVER stops moving all day long, babbles all day long, and now has two teeth! I find it unreal that we are starting to plan her birthday party.

On the mommies front, I think we are fairing well. We are enjoying our time with her and E makes us laugh all the time. We are especially functioning better because E sleeps from about 7:00 to 7:30 on a regular basis. It's heaven and dammit we deserve it! This sleeping thing only happened around mid-April so it was a long haul or at least it felt like it. SSG is so ready for school to be over. I know juggling parenthood and working full-time has been no easy task. She really has handled it like a champ. I really admire her for that. Beyond being home with the girl I have over the past couple months tried to pick up some projects here and there to earn a little cash. I am in the middle of an interior paint job right now and have 3 jobs after that. I feel like I'm running myself a little ragged with lots of working on weekends and in the evening but it needs to be done. It's how I feel I can contribute financially. It makes me feel good which I need as the fact of unemployment for over a year now really weighs on me.

So last Saturday we took the ferry to Provincetown to spend the day there. We have friends that have a place there on the beach so it was great to see them, walk around, introduce E to the beach, and also nice to have a home base. We had a great time but holy crap was it exhausting. The ferry each way is an hour and a was a looong hour and a half. E wants to move allll the time so it's exhausting. Add that we sad across from this pretentious jackass that went on about the private schools he sent his kids to, the huge house he had, and how successful he is. I wish I had a picture of his face when I said I was going to school to get my masters in social work. He didn't get it and to have a job where you didn't make tons of money just didn't compute. God I hate people like him. Anyway, like I said we had a great day and E was pretty good considering she only slept like 30 minutes the whole day. Here are some shots from our day!


Emily said...

aw I can't believe how big she is!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time. She is such a cutie.

nutella said...

Aww, what a great day (entitled a-holes on the ferry aside). What did E think of the sand?