Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signs of Spring

 It has been a long, cold, snow filled winter here in the north east and I am ready for spring. Mostly I am ready for weather were Little E can play outside. March is always a tricky month around here. I always think we should have turned a corner in the weather department and ma always disappointed when it is still crappy. Some signs that the nice weather will return have been sighted. First the snow melted and we saw our lawn and the curbs for the first time in months! Then we had a few days above 40 degrees! Followed by seeing a flock of Robins singing out side of school! Unfortunately this was trailed closely by my allergies. Although I am not enjoying feeling stuffed up and loosing my voice. We have been taking advantage of the warm temperatures and getting outside. Last weekend we took E to Drumlin farm to walk around and see the animals. It was great., E loved it. She was entranced by the chickens and kept running back to see the pigs and cows. I think what she really enjoyed most though was being able to run free and splash in the puddles. We had a great time and I am so glad we have a membership so we can go back as much as we want this summer. I have a feeling E will be spending a lot of time with these animals this summer. I also figured out that my parenting might be a bit different than other parents. While most of the parents spent their time trying to steer their kids away from the puddles I was actively encouraging E to get right in and get muddy.  Spring in New England...Mud and Snow piles...with the hope that flowers will follow!


~Jess said...

Great pictures!

I hear ya on the warm weather and finally being able to get outside and run around....she's getting so big!

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Hey Girls,
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