Monday, September 17, 2007

Sorry to be so absent but my they actually want me to do my job!


So after a summer of relaxing (if you think being a nanny for a two year old and a 3 month old relaxing) I am back to my day job. The kids came back and everything including (god forbid) wedding planning was put on the back burner untill I could get everything in order and the 90 13 and 14 yearolds on the right page. So now I am back into the swing of things I think I will be less neglectful of the blog.

So anyway lots to update on the wedding front. First and formost I got my dress! Ok so I just ordered it but still I know what I will be wearing yeah! After visiting Yolanda's and LaReine close to home with limited sucess. I went on a whim to Christina's in Andover when I was home do my mother's grocery shopping on my day off last week. Well it was a fabulous experience! First and formost Mary who was helping me was just awesome. Since I was alone she zipped and unzipped me into about 25 dresses. She was very helpful and went back to the racks several times to find other dresses that she thought I would like. She gave honest advice and was so helpful. Christina's is a very nice shop and even though I was looking at bridesmaid dresses I was not treated like a second class citizen as I was at La Reine when I went to look at dresses. I will blog about that experience in the future, but today I would like to stick to the positve. Anyway after looking at many dresses I found about 5 that I thought were contenders and I called Mom to see if she could run out from work and check them out. We narrowed it down to 2 and then I decided on the one I liked best. So I have a dress! It is going to be all ivory but I am still throwing around the idea of having a contrasting sash so I may have the shop order an ivory and a blue or brown sash. It is a Waters bridesmaid style 9296 and has just enough poof to make me feel bridey but not too much to be overwhelming. Here is a picture.

Hee Hee, I get all giddy just thinking of it! It will be a little longer in the back so I have a small train and will have a french bustle after the ceremony!
Yeah another thing checked off my list. Now just to get Sue to get hers!

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