Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here comes the brideS!

So...Sue and I are currently planing a very traditional alternative wedding. Since I really like a good oxymoron I guess it is fitting. It still cracks me up that I lived, for a short while in college, on a street called Park Drive and my favorite meal at school is the boneless rib sandwich. That said while a wedding for two women is fundamentally the same as one between a man and a woman there are some distinct difference to consider when, as we like to say around our house, you get two brides for the price of one!

I guess it is important or maybe just helpful to explain that Sue and I would both be considered "femme" to some extent. We are by no means girly girls but have been known to wear makeup on special occasions and don skirts when the feeling strikes us. I guess Sue would probably be best described as sporty and I would be described as outdoorsy.

I think the most common first question both Sue and I have received after announcing our engagement has been, "What are you going to wear?" I think most people really wanted to know which one of us was wearing the dress and which one of us would be attending the wedding in drag. This would make sense if we were a stereotypical butch/femme relationship but alas Sue and I just don't fit into that mold. So we are both going to be wearing dresses on the big day. However the mental image of two women in big poofy dresses standing up together seemed... well, just silly. I mean really just picture us trying to do our first dance (that is just asking for trouble and a really embarrassing wipe out). So Sue and I will be going the brides maid dress route. It is amazing how many come in ivory and they are really nice, actually it is a little hard to imagine a gaggle of maids dressed in some of these get ups, it seems more than one person in one of these numbers would be a bit overwhelming.

So there you have it, there will be two brides in white walking down the aisle each escorted by their fathers. So it is traditional with a twist and I am sure it will be a blast!

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