Tuesday, August 4, 2009


On Sunday we had our baby shower and with the grind of going back and forth to the hospital SSG and I were really looking forward to it. We don't do any socializing these days unless it's with people that come in to visit Ella. So on Sunday morning we got ourselves up and drove up to NH where the shower was being held. It was so great to see our friends and families. I could tell lots of people were really relieved to see SSG was doing so well and we were able to tell people how well Ella is doing. It was a different kind of celebration and it was fabulous. My amazing sister and one of my closest friends Courtney were the official planners/hosts of the shower but I know other people were heavily involved such as my mother and Courtney's mom who did all the beautiful flower arrangements. I know we both felt so loved and cared for. We has such an great time and everyone was so generous. We are very well set up for when Ella can come home and really only need to pick up a few items that we will need right away. Ella is one loved and lucky little girl and look forward to when we can really show her off!

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Snickollet said...

That sounds like so much fun. What a nice break for you two to be the ones being taken care of. Your whole life right now is about taking care of someone else--you deserve to have the tables turned once in a while.

Miss you.