Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am back

Hi People

So I think coming back in a weeks time is not great but better so I am proud of myself. We had a great 4th weekend and we had a wonderful time at the parade and all the festivities. Little E did great and was a trooper. She missed her naps on a couple of days and took it like a champ. Not a crank or whine the whole time. She even slept and Mimi and Bubba's with not one problem. Last year on the fourth I was pregnant and this year I have an almost year old child. It is still hard to get my head around that!
July 4th 2009 July 4th 2010

Our Yankee Doodle!

This week we have been busy getting ready for E's birthday party. Today we worked on favor bags as well as picking up some last minute things. Shazam is out right now getting the helium tank and some other assorted items. Tonight we run to BJ's for the perishable food. Tomorrow we drop the dog at his dog camp, pick up the cake and head up to the lake. The weather forecast is ok. With possible scattered thunder showers. I am hoping for the best and we will make due with what ever weather comes our way. We have about 33 people on the guest list and a house that is not so big so let's hope we don't have too much trouble with the weather. As I mentioned before I went a little crazy with etsy purchases and I think that it all came out so well. Here is a little preview of our stuff.

Invite Favor Bag

Party Sign Birthday Banner

Photo Banner

Today is also an anniversary of sorts. Today marks the day I got sick and went to the hospital. Today was the beginning of the end. I am glad I have distractions from being stressed out about it. But still my mind wanders to those last few blissful hours before I learned the hard way that sometime bad things happen to good people. I started therapy yesterday and that really helped and I think it will be very good for me to process all that went on in my pregnancy, birth and all the rest! E has been doing great which is helping me deal with the emotion of these next few days. She has her 24 hour eeg scheduled for next week, but I will tackle that when after the party.

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