Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recap-Birthday,EEG, and Summer Fun

The birthday party went over without a hitch. Well the weather could have been better but it wasn't raining during the party and people were still able to go for rides on the boat and go swimming. Worst case scenario would have been we were all squished in the house in the rain. So while the sun was not shining it was still pretty fun. I didn't take enough pictures and I wish I had but oh well. We had fun, we smashed cake and Little E turned ONE!
The week after her birthday we went for her 12 month check up. All was great and she weighed in at 20lb 4oz and was 27.5 inches long. She is doing great and it was crazy to find out that she has gained almost 18lbs in one year!
The next day we headed out to Children's Hospital for her 24 hour eeg. It took a while to get up to the floor where we were staying and were further delayed waiting for our room to be opened up. She did great with the set up again and charmed the socks off the women who hooked her up. She was attached to the wall by a long cord and had a little bag to hold the eeg box. She was not phased at all with having 25 leads covered with a long sock thing attached to her head and played happily. She slept ok and I ended up having to get in the crib and sleep with her for much of the night. She had several episodes before she went to bed so they were able to review the eeg in the morning right after rounds and we were released by 11 am. So our 24 hour eeg ended up being more of a 15 hour eeg which was awesome. The best news was that she showed no seizure activity. They described it as non-epileptic head nods, a name I think they may have made up in the hallway before coming in. Anyway they are not concerned at all and the episodes are now rare where we see a few a day but nothing like the 25 or more we were seeing a month ago. Yeah for no seizures!
We have been busy the last few weeks enjoying the summer and have gone swimming in pools, took our first boat ride on the lake, explored the splash park, and other wise where summer slackers. Our little family is definitely enjoying our last (and only) summer with us all at home with no school or work!
We are off to P-town tomorrow for a week. Although we are stopping at Children's for an allergy appointment to rule out (we hope) a legume allergy. Doesn't everyone start their vacation at Children's hospital???? Our doctor wanted us to be tested before trying legumes again. So fingers crossed that peanut butter sandwitches will be in our future. It will stink if it ends up that Little E's hive reation to peas at 7 months is really a peanut allergy like we fear.

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N said...

Fingers crossed on the allergy, and have a great vacation! That's such fantastic news about the EEG. And a happy happy birthday to E!