Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So I woke up to a blog award! How nice to have the first thing I read this morning be compliments from my friend E over at Our Growing Family. I have gotten to know E over the last few years while we were both planning our weddings and it has been great being along for the ride with through the ups and the downs of both our lives. One of the things I really love about E is that she is up for anything. Mention that you want to meet up for dinner and she will jump in the car and drive over an hour to meet you. My only wish is that her family lived just a bit closer so we could see each other more! Go on over and check her blog out it is worth the read.

Now on to my honorees. I belong to two "special" interest groups as I am both a lesbian mom and a preemie mom. So my google reader list is a funny mix of blogs on both these topics. So I think I will choose a blog from both sides of my blogging family.

So my first honoree is a blog I just started reading. We actually met the author with her partner and son in p-town when we helped them out of bind. She is a great writer and I have enjoyed reading through her post archives and getting to know her over the past few weeks. I find it so interesting to read about other gay families and how it "works" for them. So go and check out the blog Out With Mommy. You will see my cute family and our friend Sandy featured in the top post!

Secondly if there is one thing I learned this year is that no one understands what Shazam and I have been through this past year like other preemie moms. I don't know what I would do without these moms who have laughed, cried, bitched, celebrated and morned with these women over the last year. I feel so lucky to have a group of women to travel this road with. One of these women Trish not only writes a great blog but also started a wonderful message board for all her preemie friends. She tells it like it is, is smart, and is dang funny to boot. She has been through the ringer but has a great attitude and is always there to help another preemie mom out. Her blog Fertile Hope really gives you a glimpse into a preemie mom's world. It shows you the joy but it also shows how having a preemie really changes you. It is not over when you baby comes home from the NICU and everything isn't normal even when your baby is chubby toddler. I am so thankful to have Trish to show me that even though it is not how we planned it kind of is an honor to be a preemie mom. Trish had pre-eclampsia/hellp too so she knows just how scary that can be. She wrote this post a few months ago and I couldn't agree with her more.

So ladies, now for the rules….post the award on your blog, link back to the person that gave it to you, and give it to whomever you want to, as long as they are beautiful!

I am working on a Family Week re-cap. Hopefully it will be up soon.


Trish said...

ah gosh. You made me cry!

SupersammyG said...

Didn't mean to make you cry Trish, you do rock though!

Christy Lee said...

Just came across your blog and wanted to say hello! You have a beautiful family! :-) Take care.

Pearson said...

So wonderful of you to mention Out with Mommy and say such kind things about the blog! Your's is a beautiful blog and aptly awarded the Beautiful Blog Award. Congrats!