Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well we finally know what was causing the fevers. Roseola. It was my thought since she had a high fever an no other symptoms. Well this morning she woke up covered in the tell tale rash. I have never been so thankful to see a rash in my life. Little E is still not back to her super happy self but she is certainly on the mend. I stayed home with her today and she took a super long morning and afternoon nap. Pretty much she slept all morning, ate lunch and went back down for a nap. She was up for a total of an hour between the naps. She slept horribly on Sat, Sun and Mon night so I have a feeling she is playing a bit of catch up. Shazam is home with her tomorrow so Thursday we should be ready to go to daycare. Fingers crossed. While she is feeling better she looks a little rough around the edges right now with a rash all over her face, chest and back. I am so glad that we had to reschedule our family photo shoot to next week. Splotchy rash is not what we are looking for on the holiday card.

On a final note we have a new badge on the left. On November 17th we will be blogging for Preemies. I want to encourage all our readers to take the time to blog for babies on November 17th as well. Whether you have a preemie or not on November 17th take the time to remember the thousands of babies born too soon every year.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad it wasn't anything more serious! Roseola sucks though, that fever is so scary. I hope E is feeling like her self again.

Sivan said...

Those unexplained fevers! Your doc was right to rule out a UTI or Kidney infection. Once that was confirmed I figured you'd be seeing a rash one of these days. Glad she's through the worst of it.

Hope to see you on Friday evening if you're up for it.


thiswillbe said...

Sounds awful. I hope Little E is well on the mend by now. Thanks for the note about November 17. I will try to remember myself and will look here for your post as well.