Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh goodness I already failed!

Ok so I have a good excuse. I was planning on blogging last night to start Blogging month but then....Our crazy cat brought a live mouse into the house and all hell broke loose. Shazam and I screamed like little girls and managed to scare the mouse into hiding but not much else. We had a few "sightings" of Squeaker but did not manage to catch and remove him/her. We left the back door that leads to the basement open and we are hoping that Squeaker made it back down stairs. The cat who started the whole thing was really not all that much help and I think thought Shazam and I were playing with the mouse too so would find it, bandy it around and then let it go again. Poor mouse! Anyway that is why I didn't blog last night. I will blog again tonight to make up for my failure...Let's see what happens


thiswillbe said...

Oh, that is TOTALLY a "get out of blogging free" card! Eeek!

This Mom said...

I'm going to try blogging all month too. 2 in one day totally counts in my book. I look forward to reading whatever you can get posted.
Good luck!