Monday, December 6, 2010

It is begining to look a little bit like Christmas!

Sunday we were all finally feeling better enough to go for an outing. I hadn't left the house since Thursday morning so I was very happy to get out of the house. A local farm was having a Christmas open house so we headed over in the afternoon after Shazam got back from the library. The open house was nice and held in their greenhouses so it was super pretty with a forest of poinsettias and wonderful light. I got some great eggnog and gingerbread and then we traumatized E by having her sit with Santa. Our normally social baby hates Santa. I know this is normal but E likes everyone and willingly goes with new people all the time. She was smiling and making friends the whole time we were there until she spotted Santa. It went downhill pretty quickly. We scooped her up and went and got a tree. Perhaps next year she will get the Santa gift connection and cut the dude some slack!

At home we broke out the decorations and put the tree up. E wasn't very excited about the tree but was into the lights. I think we did a pretty good job picking out a pretty tree. We have not had one in two years and I love coming home to a house smelling of Christmas tree. So far we have been able to distract E from pulling all the ornaments off the tree by providing her with a basket of plastic ornaments under the tree. We will see how long that lasts. I may be posting next week with pictures of our tree hanging out in the back yard!


Anonymous said...

Aww, what sweet pictures! Your tree looks great and good call on the plastic ornaments, smart mommies :-)

anofferingoflove said...

thanks for the encouraging comment about preemies, i really appreciate it! is so nice to hear success stories.

these holiday pictures are great - the one of E walking through the poinsettias is just gorgeous! :)

thiswillbe said...

What wonderful pictures! It is so much fun to see your happy family! I hope Little E has recovered well from her Santa experience. :)

K said...

I love all of the poinsettia pictures. What a cool place! I think we're going to skip Santa this year because I know Elliot would be just as delighted to meet him as Ella was. ;-) I'm impressed you even got her in his lap!