Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Fail

So I owe you a real post sometime in the near future but we have all been struck down with the stomach bug from hell and have not been up to blogging, consuming solid foods, or sitting upright in a few days. We did feel well enough to go and get a tree today at a local farm. They had santa and free eggnog so I thought what the heck why don't we get a photo of Little E and Jolly Old St Nick. Well all did not go as planned. The most friendly child on the planet freaked the heck out. We may be starting therapy next week.


wishinghopingpraying said...

Even though she is screaming she still looks pretty darn cute :-)

~Jess said...

This is just about the same as every Santa and LO picture online: Poor kids are all scared to death of Santa. Tomorrow is the moment of truth in our house.

She looks adorable, in spite of the tears.