Monday, February 28, 2011

Early Intervention Evaluation

The short story is that she doesn't qualify. She needed to be at a 14 month level in at least one category and her lowest score was 16 months. So yeah!

Here is the breakdown she is 19 months actual right now.  Her last evaluation was at 14 months actual I will
put last evaluation in (green)
Fine motor-20 months (13 months)
She did very well and they were impressed with her grasp with a crayon. Only did a 2 block tower vs a 3 block tower.

Cognition/problem solving- 18 months (14 months)
She still didn't do the bloody 9 cubes in a cup task but I still want to see them put 9 cubes in the cup. She put as many in the cup until it was filled then took some out and started again. I don't get it...but I digress. She also had a lot of trouble concentrating perhaps I shouldn't have given her a dose of pretnisone 30 minutes before the eval (whoops).

Expressive language- 18 months (15 months)
She still doesn't have a ton of words but it is up and seems to be increasing daily. She scored where she did because she was repeating sounds very well. The SP said that this skill was key to increasing her vocabulary and since she was doing such a great job with it she was not worried about her low vocab.

Receptive Language-16 months (15 months)
This was a surprise to me. She seems to understand everything we say (doesn't do what we say but she is 19 months). Anyway she didn't point to the pictures when the asked where is the ball ect. She also had trouble concentrating during this part of the eval. which the SP feels she would have done better at if she wasn't all hyped up on pretnisone.  This was also her area of least growth so I will be working on this with her.

Social Emotional-26 months (19 months)
All I have to say is that we are in trouble with this one. She is was a ham for the evaluators and was on their laps giving kisses the whole time.

Self care-19 months (14 months)
I always think this is funny what should she be doing be getting ready to move into her own apartment?

Gross Motor- 18 months (11 months)
The pt was impressed in her improvement since she had a huge leap since her eval in the fall. She was at 11 months last time so a 9 month jump in about 6 months. Go E!

I am very happy with her progress and glad she doesn't need therapy although I am sure it would help her catch up more quickly although I am sure she will.  When I looked back at her evaluation at 8 months she was delayed in all areas except social emotional.  Her lowest area was her receptive language where she scored only at 5 months so this area seems to where she struggles and where we should work with her.  So good news this week.   Up two pounds and developing well.  Yeah for good evaluations!

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Emily said...

this sounds like a terrific eval! go E!