Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday

Sorry for the absence.  So much going on and not enough time to blog.  I think part of my problem is that I don't have a structure to my posts.  I keep trying to think of what to write and then never doing it.  So I am going to try some repeating posts to see if I can get back on track.  So here goes my 10 things Tuesday.

1.  We finally got to go visit the NICU yesterday it was nice to see our favorite nurses.  It is nice to see that they remember us and miss us.

2.  It is vacation week I am so happy.

3.  Little E seems to be gaining weight again which means our high fat high calorie is working. (more on that in another post).

4.  Early Intervention is coming today so that we can get Little E back in.  She is not doing well with language acquisition. (more on that in another post).

5.  E took two naps today...how nice.  She is actually still sleeping.

6.  I am going shopping tomorrow.  I am so excited.

7.  Now that we have set up the EI evaluation E seems to be talking more.  Still delayed but perhaps now that she is walking full time she has time to get some words.

8.  I am actually interested in seeing how E tests in all her areas.  I both hate and love EI evaluations.  I love seeing what she has progressed in.  I hate that it points out where she is still behind.

9.  I did out Federal taxes an Shazam got her refund today so I should get mine soon.  Now I have to do our state taxes.  It pisses me off that we have to do them twice.

10.  I hear the little lady so I guess it is a good thing that I am on ten.  See you tomorrow...hopefully.

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Darcie said...

I'm in the middle of tax hell right now too. One for each of us for federal and 1 for us combined for state. To add insult to injury everyone of them has to be filed by mail for some reason or the other!

We may never see our refunds!