Monday, June 13, 2011

Little E's Big Girl Room

Now that we are moving I have begun to think about changing things up and giving E a big girl room.  I love E's nursery and was very happy with our choices but in some ways that room never developed into what I dreamed it to be.  I never really had the intimate moments I imagined in the room.  Most of my dreams of quietly nursing a newborn Little E were lost in the months following her birth.  Even when she was home we just never spent much time in there.

Since we were team green we have a very gender neutral room of browns and light green with an elephant theme.  It is super cute but I want a little girls room.  I love the color combination of light blue and red.  I just love the idea of a tranquil pretty light blue room.  So I started looking for bedding.  Since E is not close to leaving her crib (I would keep her there forever if I could) and it converts into a toddler bed I started looking for some cute toddler bedding.  I must say it is very lacking.  Most of it was cheap character crap from places like Ta.rget.  I found several sets I liked at a place called babybedding dot com.  The sets are not too expensive and they have some cute modern patterns.  Last week I was hot to trot on the following patterns.

While I think the patterns are cute they just were not what I was looking for.  Obviously I liked the bird patterns.  The first one seemed too busy.  The second had a solid black back on the comforter that I didn't love.  The third seemed like it might be too baby and cutsie.  So off to Etsy I went.  I found loads of places that make custom bedding for babies and toddles but many are soooooo expensive.  Also I just couldn't find any fabrics that I loved.  I did find that the 2nd fabric came in different colors and went searching for a blue version of the Starling pattern.  I found it but it was more purple than I liked.  This lead to that which eventually led to.....

Sherbet P.ips

Oh how I love thee she.rbet pips

The whole collection is super cute and I love that it is girly but not overly so.  So now I have to find someone to make some bedding.  I think it will be so cute.

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