Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Little artist

The older E gets the more fun she is. Her grandparents got her an easel for Christmas and she has been loving painting. It is so nice to have an activity to fill the evenings and long afternoons all winter long.


Allison said...

She looks so focused!
That's a really nice easel. It looks very sturdy. Do you know the make?

SupersammyG said...

The easel is from cp toys from constructive playthings. It is very sturdy and we really like it. My parent's only complaint is that it didn't come with assembly instructions. But he figured it out.

K said...

That is awesome! Good job, E!! My E doesn't paint (or draw or color or anything fun)... he commissions art. As in: "Draw me a train right there. A green train. With a cattle car, and buffers, and... Nooooooo, I said an orange train!!!" Surprisingly, it gets old sooner than one might think. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, it is time for a Little E update! I have followed your blog since your little one has gone home and have loved watching how you grow as a family.