Saturday, September 19, 2009


Sorry not to update it has been a busy week. It is great to be home with Ella. Here is an overview of our last few days.

Pick up at the hospital was smooth except that Ella spelled about 10 min before we left. She didn't have apnea and Shazam saw her choke on her spit so it was we were cleared to go by the doctor. I almost puked and started bawling at the same time. I think the few minutes it took to figure out what was going to happen aged me about a decade. To be so close to going home and think it may be snatched away was horrible. Our day primary nurse came in to say goodbye and walk us out. It was so awesome. I don't know what we would have done without our awesome primary nurse team and it meant so much to us that Traci came and said goodbye on her day off.

After saying goodbye to everyone we loaded into the family truckster and were on our way home. Surprisingly I was not a complete mess leaving. I had been crying saying goodbye to all our nurses for the past few days so everyone was expecting me to loose it on the last day. I think I was just so happy that we were all going home that I didn't have time to be sad about leaving all those great people behind.

We arrived home and the animals greeted us at the door. Both the cat and the dog were initially really curious about Ella and we have a cute video of the whole thing. I will post it when I figure out how the hell to get it off the new video camera.

We are both exhausted but I wouldn't trade this for anything. Ella is sleeping during the day great but not so much at night. She isn't so keen on her pack n play and tends to wake up many times between feedings in it. She does well in her bouncy seat so we put it in the pnp at night and seems to do much better but she likes to be bounced in it and well that is not all that conducive to sleep for her mommies. She is also having a little bit of reflux which makes putting her back down after eating not a great idea. We actually bought a swing yesterday so she could sleep in the swing if need be. She has used it some but she doesn't really sleep long in it yet. I think it moves too fast for her. I would guess as she puts on some more weight the swing will slow a bit. She looks a little like she is on a carnival ride when she is swinging...happy but about to puke.

Tuesday night may have been a bit of a break through. We had been putting her in a sleep sack with a swaddle and I just don't think she liked it. So we went old school and swaddled her in in a receiving blanket. She slept from about 10 to 2 in the pnp! This was real progress. After the 2 am feed she was refluxing so Shazam put her in the bouncy. She ate like a little piggy 3 oz! and actually slept until 7:30 Wednesday morning. She is pretty much sticking to her every four hour schedule.

We have been taking walks with the stroller and a few friends from school stopped by yesterday. I may even sneak out to grab dinner with friends tomorrow night (tonight since it is 5 am) since it is back to school night and everyone will be around to grab dinner before hand.

So things here are good. We are happy to be home and starting to settle in. I have some posts brewing about our NICU experience and preemie parenting but need some more time to process my feelings. Now I should go back to sleep since I will be needing to get up in a few hours to feed the little one.

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