Thursday, September 10, 2009


Since Ella is now over 60 days it was time for Ella to get her 2 month shots. It actually wasn't that bad. I think since Ella has been poked quite a bit in her short life she didn't seem all that phased by it. She did do the open mouthed not sound cry for a few seconds but calmed down quite quickly. They also give her a little packet of sucrose right before they do any needle sticks. This seems to make them pretty happy. Do they do that the regular doctors office? If not I think I may steal some of these little packets to bring for her future shots. She calmed right down nursed for a little bit. They gave her some tyleno'l and she really seemed to like the grape flavor. She had this look of surprise and then contentment when they put it in her mouth. Let's hope she didn't get a fever since because a fever can mean infection if she gets a fever they will have to do a whole work up on her and that means a whole lot of sticks and prods. I think she will be fine since she was doing well when we left yesterday and I didn't get a call last night.

Speaking of shots Shazam and I need to get some shots too. The doctors recommend that we get the standard flu shot. Our doctor wants to wait on the H1N1 shot to see if there are any bad reactions. Poor Shazam will also need to get the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine since babies are not fully protected with the first shot. This is something for other parents and care givers to think about. They now recommend a pertussis booster to be given since the effectiveness wears off over time. I escape that one since I had pertussis a few years ago (thanks to my students).

I remember reading on someones blog the break down of her hospital costs and I thought it might be interesting to see how much an emergency c-section with complications costs. All I have to say is thank god I have good insurance. So here it is.

Semi private obstetrics $17,346.00 ( I have know idea what this means)
Pharmacy $709.62
IV therapy $906.00
Medical/Surgical supplies $185.00
Lab Services $4564.00
Chem Lab $2578.00
Hematology Lab $256.00
Operating Room Services $5051.00
Anesthesia $1769.00
Ultrasound $1334.00
Recovery Room $1476.00
Labor Room $6970.00

Total $43145.62!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our cost is $150.00...but Ella is worth every penny!

So that is 6 days of charges for me. I look forward to seeing Ella's bill. At 63 days and counting I think we will be talking in the hundreds of thousands! Thank god for insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Strawberry said...

Definitely grab those sucrose packets for future dr. office visits! They do not provide them there and as you've seen, they can really help.