Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eat, Sleep, and Roll!

I have been so busy with work and trying to spend my non-working time with E. I have found that being a working mom is hard and I can see that being a stay at home mom is hard too. What I really have noticed is that when we both were home this parenting thing was so much easier. Oh where is my long lost trust fund when I need it. I am going to try and blog every day this month. I found that I got into a good grove in November when we blogged every day I would love to get that grove back. Another reason to blog more in March is that it is such a long month. I have no days off from school and the weather in March is always crappy which makes it seem to last forever. Maybe blogging will make March less of a drag.

Since I haven't blogged in a while I thought I would cover the basics.

After our fail on our first try with rice cereal we took a month off from solids. When E turned 7 months old a few weeks ago we decided to start again. This time we started with sweet potatoes. They were a huge success as were carrots.

Since the orange veggies were such a success I decided to try Ella's first green veggie, peas. To my surprise E really loved them and ate about and ounce. She then got a little cranky and I noticed a red patch on her neck. I decided to stop the peas and check to see if there was any other spots on her body. When I took her top off her poor little tummy chest and back. I called the doctor and by the time I got a call back about 30 minutes later the hives were gone. She told us to have benedryl on hand and not to eat peas until at least 9 months if not 1 year. It seems the little bumble bee is allergic to peas. What really sucks about this is that peas are legumes and that a pea allergy could indicate an allergy to other legumes. Namely peanuts! We are really hoping that she grows out of this and that E is not sitting at the peanut free table alone at school. The girl has two mommies she doesn't need to be the peanut girl too!

After our pea adventure we tried bananas, pears and oatmeal. She is a fan of all three but is a big fan of the pears and wouldn't eat the oatmeal until we mixed in bananas. The stuff smelled like cardboard so I don't really blame her. After our four days of oatmeal I think we will be moving onto squash and then avocado. E is really getting the hang of eating her solids and is enjoying sitting in her high chair. She started to have 2 solids per day yesterday and is doing really well.

Oh how I wish E was doing as well at sleeping as she is at eating. We have gotten her to go down very easily at about 8-8:30 every night. The past few nights I have just put her in her pack-n-play in our bedroom and she went right to sleep. Her trend has been to wake at about 12-1 and I had been nursing her. Early intervention wanted us to try to wean her off of this feeding session because actually she doesn't need it. She has slept through the night before and really it's just for comfort. So last night we didn't feed her during the night but she was still up at 1, 3 and 5. Each time needing to be picked up and put back to sleep. I finally ended up putting her in bed with me at 5 as I just needed to sleep and knew she would sleep if she was with me. I am reading ferber's new book on my kindle right now and I think some sleep training is in E's future. I really need her to sleep through the night as it is very hard to teach 13 year olds on a couple of hours of sleep. I'll keep you posted on this one.

Since I hit the other major baby topics I thought I would touch on E's physical development. E is a roller. She loves to roll from her back to her tummy and will play for a good amount of time on her belly. She does a good deal of kicking and reaching and spins all the way around on her belly. She really wants to move and sticks her little bum in the air and tries to inchworm/snowplow her way across the floor. I would say she moves a little bit but is getting frustrated in her lack of mobility. She seems to have all the pieces but can't seem to do them all at the same time. We will see if that changes in the next few weeks. E is not sitting up on her own yet but we are working on it and can sit for short periods of time independently. She also loves to stand with help and her new trick is bouncing. She seems to be hitting all her milestones at about her adjusted age but I think she is closing the gap and is getting closer to her actual age.

Well this working mom needs to go to sleep so she can get up and tend to the little bumblebee in the wee hours of the morning.

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