Thursday, February 25, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

I found out today that one of my closest friends had to put down their 12 year old yellow lab, Dino, yesterday for health reasons. I met Dino about 7-8 years ago I believe and even if one wasn't a dog person, I guarantee they would instantly fall in love with him just as I did. He was no ordinary lab. He was a mammoth lab and weighed around 120 pounds. Seriously. He may have been huge but he was a gentle boy and just wanted to love everyone he came in contact with. When I first met him he was much more yellow and I watched him turn white over the years. He also used to go for like 10 mile runs with his owner which I think is quite the feat considering he was over 100 pounds. I watched him slow down and take longer to get up off the ground as time passed. What never faded was Dino's spirit. He clearly was in pain when I saw him just this past Saturday but when I walked in the house there he was, thumping his big tail on the ground, and with all the effort he could muster he got up to greet me. It took him a while but there he was. I was lucky to have met Dino, spend time with him, and lucky to have a proper goodbye this past weekend. Goodbye Dino doggie. I love you and you will be greatly missed.

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