Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy Saturday

What was going to be a chill Saturday actually turned into a crazy Saturday. A good Saturday but busy. We did have a lazy morning but we decided to go to the mall mainly to hit the Hannah. Anderson store. If you are not familiar with their clothes you should be! The clothes are adorable and we love a pair of pjs that were handed down to us that we wanted to get a couple more. This was also a significant trip because it was actually our first trip to a mall with E. I know it sounds nuts but when it's RSV season, you have a preemie, and your pediatrician tells you to avoid places with a lot of people/germs well you just don't go to malls. So we had a nice afternoon strolling around the mall and then we hit Babies. R Us on the way home because we needed diapers and a few other things. We went home, fed E, and put E down for a nap because we had such a busy afternoon.

The day didn't actually end there. SSG and I must have been feeling a bit cocky and felt like we could push it a bit because we decided we really wanted to go out to eat to celebrate E's 9-month milestone. Plus, truth be told, SSG really wanted lobster. The poor woman didn't get to have one last summer because well E arrived early. Just as a side-note SSG LOVES lobster and she can rip one apart and devour in the most efficient way. It's disturbing and impressive at the same time. So we went to this casual-type place that is very well known for it's seafood. We packed up the girl and off we went. The food was great though SSG and I didn't actually eat together. While one was eating the other one was basically walking E around. One thing about Little E. She NEVER stops moving which is scary considering she's not officially crawling (though she drags her body around so who needs crawling?) or walking. She is one squirmy kid and just wants to move. It was fine and you just deal with it. As I said "It is what it is". We had a great time, E didn't have a meltdown, and overall it was a great day.

At one point SSG and I decided that we should just consider it our 2nd Anniversary dinner as well. We had planned on going out just the two of us but it's an expense that we just can't take on right now. I just found out today I have exhausted my unemployment and may be able to get an extension come May 15th. Great. My stress level has shot up today. Thanks to Congress like taking a freakin break and going on their big, expensive vacations benefits are kind of on hold. I'm not quite sure how it's going to work out but I do know there won't be any lobster any time soon.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Snickollet said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Happy early anniversary, and happy 9 months, Ella!