Saturday, May 26, 2012

Potty Training

So while many of you will be enjoying picnics and bbqs this lovely Memorial Day weekend we are deep into an intense weekend of potty training.  So far we have had mixed results.  E has been peeing on the potty sporadically for a few months when we put her on.  She never asks or tells us she has to go.  I think she has the control to do it as she often wakes up dry from naps and overnight dry.  With daycare and Shazam being busy with grad school I just have not pushed the issue.  Truth be told it just is much easier to do diapers.  The time has come however so armed with m&ms stickers and some cute undies we are going for it.  Since we have almost zero plans this weekend I thought three days of potty boot camp would be a good idea.  So far we have had limited success.  She told me she had to go poop but only after she "started" and didn't make it to the potty so we had a nice turd on the floor next to the potty.  Fun.   She has not asked to go pee pee yet but she has peed twice on the potty so far this morning. No puddles yet so that is good.  I am just letting her go pant-less right now so that she can get on and off the potty quicker.  We shall see how it goes.  Any positive potty training thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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~Jess said...

we're right there with not enjoying this. Diapers are a lot easier. A has pooped in the potty twice in the past week, peed 3 times, and managed to have a bunch of accidents and be in a diaper.

Good luck!