Monday, July 16, 2012


Most people when they hear you a teacher immediately say oh you are so lucky you have your summer off.  These people don't really know very many teachers.  Most of us spend our summer months working summer jobs and taking classes.  While I do spend many days recharging and relaxing I would say I spend an equal number working.  The bonus is that I don't have those pesky kids to get in my way.  I love my job and the kids are the best part but holy hell I would get so much more accomplished if those kids didn't slow me down so much (I kid...kind of).

This summer I have attended a couple of workshops (one for grad credit) and am now working on a research project.  I am helping analyze data for a research project looking at the efficacy of technology rich professional development programs.  A few summers ago I worked on the project interviewing subjects and then summarizing interviews.  Now I am coding the qualitative data from a teacher survey.  Ugh it is so tedious.  I keep repeating $$$$$ to myself to keep myself going.  These teachers like to fill those open response sections with lots of words.  With little E's birthday party last Saturday I have not had very much time to work on my task and now I need to finish by tonight/tomorrow morning.  I worked a ton yesterday and set the alarm this morning so I could work before E got up and Shazam left.  I squeezed in some more time while E napped and will be locking myself in a room tonight as soon as Shazam returns so I can get this done.  So much for that image of teachers sipping mojitos at the beach.  E just got up so we are going to brave the outside and go to the pool for a little bit then home for dinner and more coding!!!!  At least it looks like this weeks work will pay for another month of Montessori.

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