Friday, August 17, 2007

birds on the brain

So a while ago I got the brill ant and of course not very original idea to incorporate birds into our wedding theme. When I first came up with the idea I was obsessing about having my at that point nonexistent wedding at The Barn at Gibbitt Hill in Groton, MA. Since it is a country setting in an elegant but rustic barn, I had visions of birds on branches that I saw on wedding bee as my centerpieces.

While Sue just tolerated my bird/wedding obsession before she proposed, now that we are officially engaged and neck deep in wedding planning Sue has jumped on to the bird train with me. Since she was not a huge fan of the birds on a stick idea we started thinking of alternatives. We were all hot to trot on painting wooden bird houses and flowers floating in votives. We even bought a sample house and painted it blue and brown using crackle paint on the roof. Our thoughts were this 1. it went along with the theme and the colors and 2. it would be less expensive than floral centerpieces. Then of course we booked our venue and our shabby chic birdhouse centerpieces just didn't fit into the modern urban look of the State Room. Additionally we began to rethink the whole no flowers on the tables thing. So we once again were back to the drawing board. We found some pictures of birds nests filled with blue hydrangea which were great but Sue still felt they were still a bit country. So my fabulous bride to be came up with the idea to make silver wire birds nests to put our centerpiece flowers in. So we are off... now just to figure out how to make a birds nest out of wire!!!! Stay tuned for Sue and Sam's adventures in wire sculpture. I guess I should go and clear off the craft table I think it will be getting lots of use in the next few months.

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tinshee said...

You could do bird cages... they are more trendy and I've seen them used in weddings in other ways... of course, the cost is another thing...