Saturday, August 11, 2007

Meetings Meetings and More Meetings

So now that we have a place to get married and have the ability to feed out guests (the part that I thought would be the hardest) I have now realized that I have so much else to figure out. The online check lists are starting to really freak me out and since Sue and I started this process a bit late (our wedding is only 9 months after our engagement) the number of lilac exclamation marks that are on the online list double every day (ok so not every day but the whole thing is pretty daunting).

So we have started something that I never really thought about whilst I was secretly reading Martha Stewart Weddings all these years and stalking the wedding bee these past few months, meeting with the vendors. Ok so it seems like I should have realized this but somehow I just envisioned the whole thing falling into place effortlessly while I worked on cute craft projects that would make our day oh so special!

Now that I have had my epiphany the meetings have begun. Not knowing where to start since I am avoiding the check list like the plague, we started looking into a photographer.

This is very important to me so I am willing to spend a decent chunk of money on the pictures, but I have my budget and I am trying to stick with it (it should be said that Sue has the budget and she is keeping me in line).

So our photographer search has begun. We are looking for a fabulous, reasonably priced, photojournalism style, digital, and the rights to our images. Oh and we also want someone who has shot a gay wedding before. Since we are in Massachusetts the latter is actually the easy part its the reasonable prices that is the tricky part.

In the running are
Mara Brod-
Kelly Griffith-
Jill Kurzontkowski-

If all goes well we will have a photographer by early next week and maybe the check list monsters will stop chasing me in my dreams!

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tinshee said...

Don't worry- it all comes together and that feels good. Until you have to write the checks for their services... ;-)