Monday, May 11, 2009

All good on the Baby G front

So other than having to wait for a very long time to see the Dr. all news is good. My pee test was normal. My blood pressure is a low 98/64, I gained 1 pound, my belly measured 22 cm (which is perfect for 22 weeks pregnant) and the baby's heart rate was in the 140-150 range. Baby G was moving around quite a bit and made it a bit difficult to measure the the HR but she kept following the baby around with the Doppler and finally got it done. The Dr was really nice and I would feel great about delivering with her which is really comforting. My next appointment is in a month and I get to do the fun glucose test. I must say that they are really smart and they sent me home with the stuff to drink so that I can drink it before I go to the Dr's office next time. If I pass I will be all set and this should be my last blood draw. I also got the registration packet from the hospital that we need to send back in. It has a form for our birth plan. My current plan is to have a baby. I know that sounds flip but I want to have as few expectations going into the delivery. I just don't know what to expect. I mean the experiences of different women vary so much. If I go by my mother then natural childbirth is "fun". If I go by my dad (who I know has not had a baby) all I have to do is focus and get the job done (thanks dad...although his only experiences in childbirth is with my mom, the woman who says having a baby doesn't hurt and is fun). If I go by my cousin it is hell but worth it. I am hoping that I am more towards my mom but I am realistic that it is probably a little closer to my cousins impression. I am going to go for pain meds if I want them. If the Dr say c-section I will go with it. I just don't want to add to my stress about it.

On another note I keep seeing a person from Haverhill, MA keep coming up on the live feed and I wonder who that is. Since my parents and my best friend live there I am curious if it is one of them or another reader from Haverhill. I know my mother in law is a reader (Hi Cindy!) So if you are our Haverhill reader let me know who you are.


Craving of Motherhood said...

Congrats on the good appt. today. We had our appt. today too and things are well. Glucose test is next here too.. you'll have to tell us how it taste!

cmd said...

Glad to hear that everything turned out so well at your doctor's appointment. Happy belated mother's day to you and Shazam!