Sunday, May 3, 2009

Paint...Check!, Registry...Check!, Stroller...Check!

Our weekend was really nice. We saw several different friends and got several things checked off the baby list.

Friday night Shazam and I ate yummy burritos and then went to the Depot to check out some paint colors against the bedding we have chosen for the nursery. We have decided that Benja.min Wales Green is the best match to Eleph.ant Stitch. I think they are pretty close (as shown in pictures).

Today Shazam and I went to r U.s to register. It was very fun and I think we are pretty well covered. Of course we had to change some things when we got home as some of the items we chose were rated very poorly. I am very excited and happy that we are done making some decisions. Now I can stop looking at baby stuff...oh really, that won't stop but I can pretend!

Finally, Shazam and I bought our stroller. As we have posted before we are going with the Quin.ny Buzz. We have been keeping track of the prices of the color combo that we like online and it hit an all time low so we bit the bullet and bought it. So the rest of the Qui.nny will soon be in the house soon! If you have not been to you should check it out. The deals are great.

On the baby front. I am feeling Baby G moving around more and more. He/She seems to be very active between 4-6 pm every night. I don't know if this is because I am usually pretty quiet and lounging on the couch during this time or the baby is actually moving more. I guess we will see if the trend continues. Tomorrow marks 21 weeks (lenth of a carrot) so we are more than half way done. I must say that September is coming faster and faster these days. I am sure things will slow down in the heat of July as I sweat out the dog days of summer with a very big belly!


Elise said...

Great color, I love it! congrats on all the checks off the list :)

Snickollet said...

The nursery is going to be gorgeous. And congrats on registering--I found that process very stressful, but it sounds like you were able to relax and enjoy it.

Craving of Motherhood said...

I feel the same way.. the baby is more active in the afternoon.. or just after dinner. I love the bed set that you picked out. We also got ours at Baby Depot. Registering for stuff can be and "is" overwhelming. We changed some of our stuff after reading about it or giving it more thought. It's amazing how much stuff costs!

Congrats.. glad you are feeling good.

thiswillbe said...

I love that color green-- it's so soothing. And the blanket design is too cute!

Strawberry said...

I;'m liking the chocolate and brown. And yay for lots of movement!

Craving of Motherhood said...

Thank you so much for your education comment on my posting!!!