Monday, May 11, 2009

Doctor Today

I have my monthly appointment today. I am not expecting a very exciting appointment. My regular doctor is on vacation so I will see one of the other doctors. Everyone in the practice seems so nice so I am not concerned. I am trying to figure out what questions I should have. I really don't have any and I feel like a bad mommy. I think that because I was a developmental biology major in college I feel pretty well informed. I also have been having such a normal pregnancy that the books and the net pretty much go along with what I have been feeling. Any suggestions on questions for me?? I would love to hear them.

Our Mother's day weekend was very busy. We had a baby shower to attend on Sat in NH which was nice but very long. Shazam and I decided to divide and conquer this time so I left Shazam in NH with her folks and I went to see my parents in MA. I spent a nice night with my parents watching a movie and then went to church in the morning. It was a nice service of people sharing stories about their mothers and I got a rose for being a Mom. It was strange and I thought it was funny that even though I am not officially a mom yet they treated me as one. It was nice to see some people that have known me since I was a baby. Everyone is very excited and can't wait for the baby. Then I had to seem my sister. Yuck. Yet again not one mention of me being pregnant. When I said something about Shazam's car she looked at me and said, "Why would you need a bigger car?" Clearly she is not aware of the amount of baby gear involved, plus sometimes there will be a dog.  I shouldn't be surprised by her reaction but really she is such an ass. I should be over it but it hurts every time. Perhaps she will be better once the baby is here and the attention is not focused on me. I am not holding my breath though. After lunch I headed back to get Shazam at her parent's house and had dessert. Since my mom doesn't eat sugar (or flour or rice or potatoes) we didn't have dessert. It was yummy. I can always count on my MIL for a good sugar fix.

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day!

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Shazam! said...

Why does she care what I drive? I love how I've had the car since January but she's so self-consumed she didn't notice.