Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blog Fantasy

One of the interesting things about keeping a blog is the different people who read the blog. Some of our readers are friends and family from real life, some are internet friends that I don't know in real life, and some are strangers from all over the place. I find it interesting to look at the log of where our readers live and how they got to the blog. It is crazy to think that someone in Africa found our blog, even crazier is that they seem to think we are interesting enough to read about our life and keep coming back.

There is one reader that I have made up a whole little story about. I don't think they have ever commented and there is no reason for me to think this but I am convinced that Portia deRossi reads our blog. I base this completely on the fact that I see a reader from Los Angeles listed as a reader. Perhaps this has been caused by the fact that we are in lock down here at the Darwin has Two Mommies household and I think we all are going a bit nuts.

I like to think of Portia sitting on her swank couch in her swank house reading our blog and calling Ellen over to show her our latest entry. I am sure she says things like, "Ellen you won't believe the funny thing that Shazam just wrote in the blog." or "Ellen Don't you think Super Sammy G looks great for just having a baby.", or "Wow baby Ella gets cuter every day."

Oh I know that it is probably unlikely that Portia is really reading the blog. But it makes me smile to think she does. So here is a shout out to my Los Angeles reader, I like you even if you are not Portia. Though it would make my day if you are!


Katy said...

I'm not from LA, but I am in California! Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I stumbled here a few months ago while looking for other 2-mommy blogs. I read a few different blogs and never comment, but I also wonder who reads my blog and wanted to break my silence here! I don't talk to Ellen about your updates, but I do show my sweetie your pictures! And congrats on such a beautiful daughter. Ella is precious and I'm so glad she is doing well! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I am your 'Portia' but the three different locations where I regularly log-on are L.A., Valencia, and Canyon Country (they are all LA County but if I am at work or home it claims I am in one of those three locations. I have been reading for about a year (a portion of the time my partner and I have been ttc) and I suck at commenting. I wasn't sure if I should comment or not because, just in case I am the 'Portia' reader, I didn't want to crush your fantasies... but since I did comment, you should know that Portia would probably be listed as Burbank California which is east of LA and where the Ellen show is taped and where they live. I have wanted to invite you to my blog but it is password protected and I don't have a 'publishable address' to which I could invite you to request the password.

SupersammyG said...

Anon oh well...I am sure she will find the blog soon then! I will be looking for Burbank from now on.

Katy Thanks for posting it is nice to know that I am not posting to myself