Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pretty Ella

A few weeks ago we got a free photo session for our purchase of clothes at Ja.nie and Jack. Ella had been home for only a few weeks and while we had scheduled a photo session with our wedding photographer for later in the month we just couldn't resist the opportunity to catch Ella in some shots when she was a wee girl. I went back today and bought some of the image files (so yes it was not really free!). I would have loved to get more but they were expensive and since we are getting pro pictures taken next week (they were supposed to be tomorrow but are being rescheduled for next week) we decided that we would not get all of them. I think they came out great and personally I think that Ella is beautiful but I may be a bit biased.


1 comment:

nutella said...

She looks like a doll. They are wonderful shots, and I'm sure you'll teasure them always.