Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ella is being a bit needy today. She wants to be held all the time and is quite cranky. Not sure what the problem is but I think she may be in a bit of a growth spurt. I hope tonight is not a nightmare but I have a feeling that we will be taking shifts of rocking the girl in the nursery and not a lot of sleep of Shazam and I. Perhaps she will surprise me and sleep like an angel.

Tomorrow Early Intervention is coming back to write up Ella's plan. We got the case worker we wanted so that is awesome. She seems so nice and I think she is a good match for us personality wise. The first evaluation was so quick and Ella was half asleep so I am looking forward to having more information on Ella's development and start to work on areas she needs improvement in.

After our EI meeting we will be heading out to go apple picking. Since RSV season has begun as of the first of the month we will be starting a hibernation of sorts. We won't be able to take Ella to public places or with big crowds until the end of RSV season in April so our little trip is sort of our last hurrah. I am really looking forward to our outing. I want to get some yummy apples, a few decorative pumpkins, some cider, and as many cider donuts as I can shove in my mouth! The orchard makes their own and are served warm! I can not wait.

Ella has a doctors appointment on Friday where I hope she will get her first synergis shot. This is an injection of antibodies for RSV and will help Ella fight the virus off if she get it. She will get one injection every month until April. The injections are very expensive ($3,000 a shot) but RSV is the leading cause of hospitalization in preemies and is very serious. Our goal is to keep her healthy this winter hopefully our obsessive hand washing and sequestration will pay off. We also need to talk to the doctor about Ella's reflux and constipation. The girl seems to be having some issues on both ends of the GI track. Nothing horrible but she can't be put down after eating without spitting up and screaming and she is not pooping like she used to in the NICU. She had problems with both on and off in the hospital so I am sure we can figure out a plan pretty quickly.

Well the girl needs to get her pjs on have a snack before going to bed. Send us sleepy thoughts.

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Snickollet said...

Oh, babies! Does she like the Ergo or a sling or something? Riley was a real snuggler/wanted to be held all the time, but I had to be moving around while I held him; I found the Bjorn to be so helpful b/c at least I had my hands free to do things while I walked endless miles with him.

Enjoy your apple picking outing! Will you at least be able to get out for walks/drives during RSV season? I hope so.

Miss you!