Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I interrupt this terriversary with some cake!

So although I have not finished Ella's birth story I needed to post tonight a happy story.

Ella had a great birthday and was showered with a wonderful day. Daycare was decorated with balloons and as soon as she got in the room all Angelica, Violetta, Grisella and Carmen gave her lots of hugs and kisses. Ella happily told anyone who would listen that it was her birthday. She had chocolate cake and a wonderful homemade card from all her friends. To end the day we grabbed a slice of pizza at whole foods and then met e's BFF for ice cream. It was a great day.

While E was at daycare. I decided that I wanted to try to make a orange and pink ombré cake. Damn you pinterest damn you. I am glad I did a practice cake as I learned some things.
Two of the cake colors after mixing

Two cakes in the oven
the cakes cooled and  leveled and ready to be iced
Crumb Coat
Frosted and very pretty!
with a slice out

An orange to pink ombre slice
I think it turned out pretty well but I will be making some changes for Saturday.  First I need to tone the color back a bit  I think a bit more of a pastel would be nicer.  It was a bit too much.  I also want to change the pink to a softer pink.  I went with the bright pink instead of the soft pink and i think that was a mistake.  The color differential was not what I wanted.  I want the layers to stand out a bit more.  I hope I will be able to pull this off for E's birthday this weekend.  Not bad for a first time and say that this is a pinterest success.  The challenge will be pulling this off with a bigger cake.  I used a 6 inch pan to make the practice one since I didn't want to waste a huge cake.  The cake was very soft so I may cut a little bit of the liquid in the cake since I think it would be a total mess to try to move the 10 inch layers without them totally breaking apart.  I may actually freeze them on cake rounds so I can actually stack the cake.  I also did an ok job leveling the small cakes by hand but I don't know how well I will do it with a larger circumference.  I am going to be a mess.  My plan is to bake the layers Friday and freeze them and then frost in the morning on Sat before the party.


Allison said...

Happy Birthday E!
I'm super-impressed with your cake, even if it didn't turn out exactly the way you wanted it to. Hope everyone has a great time at the party on Saturday!

anofferingoflove said...

beautiful cake! yum :)

i've been enjoying reading the birth story (in a scared, on the edge of my seat kind of way). thanks for putting it all out there for us to read.