Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stress, Subs, and Stuff

So Shazam's job situation continues to be shaky and is getting more so. This sucks. I am trying not to stress too much but hell could the timing be any worse??? We will just have to wait in see but as Shazam said the other day "the writing is on the wall". It is just a matter of time we think. In fact Shazam thinks that she will get laid off next week.

We are trying to be frugal and pretty much eating our way through the freezer and the pantry. I was facing another day of soup, apricots, and rice cakes here at work but my friend Jen came to the rescue. When I got to work today Jen had left a note on my desk saying, "No soup for you!" along with the sub order form (one of the teachers orders subs for teachers on Thursdays and picks them up). So I am now eating my BLT sub and am very happy! The baby seems to like BLTs too!

I am very much looking forward to my weekend. We have very few plans and I am excited to just chill with my wife a bit. Friday I have been promised that I can go to the new burrito place around the corner. We have tons of great restaurants a few blocks away from our apartment including a decent Mexican one, but we were lacking a quick place to pick up a burrito. A few months ago a sign went up in an empty store front announcing that Tang.go Man.go, a burrito place, was opening. Then 6 months went by with no change. After a while the sign fell down. I was sad, I was mad, I wanted a burrito! I would pass the store with raised fist and angrily say "Dam you Tan.go Man.go, Dam you!" Then a month ago there seemed to be some activity, the sign went back up, some chairs went in, painting was done, and a neon sign went up. This all seemed like good signs. Then last weekend we drove by and there was a grand opening sign!!!! I yelled, "Oh my god!" and almost made Shazam crash the car thinking there was an impending accident. It was just my excitement about my burrito place. I love you Tan.go Man.go, I will see you in a few days!

Saturday I have yoga in the morning, then my best friend and her family are coming to us and we are going to go and get ice cream.  Then in the evening we are meeting some friends for dinner that is just down the street. Sunday we have no plans and I am loving this. I really want it to be the weekend.

Lastly, today I am having a crazy day in school. I am doing a rock candy bar lab and there are chocolate chips and frosting all over my room. It is nuts and I still need to wash and prep for my last class. Middle school students are crazy enough add some chocolate and straight sugar into the mix and it is bedlam. I still have my worst class to go. I will be pulling my hair out for sure. I have said, "Keep your grimy hands away from my chips" way too may times today. Also "Don't eat the chips off the floor" has been quite popular.  With some of the things that come out of my mouth, I guess I am just getting ready for motherhood.

This may be the most boring post ever, sorry things are boring over here.


Craving of Motherhood said...

Hang in there about the job situation and keep us updated. We are thinking of you two.

Snickollet said...

Having a burrito place around the corner is AWESOME.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Hope Shazam and I still have jobs at the end of the day!

Anonymous said...

hey, i really like your blog, just hoping you could follow me as well? no pressure or anything haha, just trying to build a following. have a great day!