Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Being Able To Touch Your Toes is So Overrated

This past Saturday SSG and I decided to tackle the Ikea 8-drawer dresser for the nursery. We just wanted it done and wanted two more big boxes removed from the room. After opening the boxes and seeing the insane amount of pieces we soon realized there was going to be a change of plans. We originally were going to rip off an idea from someone online where the backed the semi-transparent drawer fronts with white contact paper so the dresser would really match the crib. What we discovered was the guy had to actually take apart 8 drawer fronts to do in rip apart the joints somehow and re-glue.  Ummm....hell no. We are still going to put on the elephant decals however (which are en-route). 

Overall it wasn't that is was difficult it was just tedious and as I said, 8 drawers. This means there was like 10 steps that needed to be done 8 times!  SSG was the direction reader and I was the builder. Instead of sitting and standing a million times I basically spend like 3 hours bent over as I build things on the floor. Hello aching back and I can't even explain how tight my hamstrings were. The next morning I went to "stretch" and this entailed barely touching my knees. I thought my hamstrings were going to snap. Luckily my hamstrings recovered after 2 days and a few leg massages and the result is this!  

We love it and think it's a great size and matching the room and crib perfectly. The chocolate lamp shade also from Ikea looks great too.  It's coming together, slowly but surely!

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Meegs said...

Oh, I love it!! The room is really looking great!