Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dresser Part 2

The decals for the dresser came this week so yesterday Shazam and I tackled that project. We went with a green that is a little darker than the walls and I really like how it turned out. Overall the decals are pretty easy to use, although we had some trouble with a couple towards the end. The toes kept not sticking. We got them up and it really spunks up the dresser.

Shazam putting the first decal and literally having to lay on the ground to get the bottom decal on...looks pretty cool huh!

One side done and a close up!

Finished product...we think it looks cute!

I had dinner with my friend Miche on Friday night and she brought a huge box of baby clothes for me. The first installment of many ( and if I have a girl the beginning of a ton of clothes as she has 2 girls). I love my friends who are done with having kids and want to get rid of all their gear. Since it is all washed I put the very teeny clothes away. I am sure that I will rearrange all this a million more times but here is round one.

I am pretty sure we are all set on newborn and 0-3 sleepers/stretch suits!

Finally school is drawing to an end. Just 1.5 days with kids (a Boston Harbor cruise and graduation) and one teacher day and I am done until after my maternity leave! I am so ready. I really loved my students this year. A good crop as I like to say. Unlike other years where I am sad about saying goodbye, this year feels different I think I am ready to have my own child that saying goodbye to "my kids" just feels different this year. Of course it could also be my really large swollen feet that are pushing the kids out the door too! I have had a few students this year that I absolutely love and some that I love to hate. One in particular drove me crazy. He could not stay in his seat and focus at all but he was a great kid all the same. If I could just hang out with him and chat all would have been great. Trying to teach him science last period after lunch was not a pretty however! I think that I mentioned him when I posted about telling the kids I was pregnant. He of course wanted me to name the baby after him. Ironically his last name is the baby's name if we have a boy (Jackson) so I guess he gets his wish. Anyway on Friday when I had a free Mr. Jackson showed up in my room to tell me he had made me something for the baby. I was thinking it was a card or some small token. But no he had made me a wooden rocking horse in wood working elective when he had finished his own project. It was a group effort as several students helped cut the wood. But my nudgey friend was the ring leader and was so proud of his work. I am pretty amazed and I love it. It could be the best gift I have ever gotten from a student. Of course I cried and of course he laughed at me (typical 8th grade boy!) So here is Ella or Jackson's rocking horse. I love it but the baby is still not getting your first name!


Craving of Motherhood said...

Love the nursery. Where did you get the drawer organizers? I have seen a few, but none that look like that.

Jenny said...

Wow, that horse is adorable! What a sweet story. The nursery overall looks great!

How exciting that you've picked final names!

SupersammyG said...

the orgnaizers are from ikea and were made for the drawers so they fit perfectly. I would check out container store if you have one nearby. They give a teacher 15% discount too!

Snickollet said...

Love the dresser!

Miss you guys oodles!

(And the rocking horse is adorable.)

alimis said...

The rocking horse is soo cute! I just adore it. What a incredibly sweet gesture.
(Love the name Ella, as it is the name we have picked out if we have a girl)

Elise said...

wow, thats such a sweet story and wonderful gift!

Tamara said...

I know this is a *very* old post, but I'm just wondering if you've been happy with the dresser? We're considering the same one for our nursery. It's dark brown, not black, right? Thanks!

SupersammyG said...

Yes we are very happy with the dresser. It is the perfect height for changing and we have a basket on top for diapers and wipes ect. The drawers are great and we have tons of room. Infact we have one or two drawers that are empty and one that we keeps her baby book and other momentos. I would totally reccomend it.