Monday, June 1, 2009

The Nursery

Shazam and I are getting closer to getting this nursery together every day. I would say that 95% of the crap that needed either to be thrown out or relocated has been dealt with. We still have some pictures and picture frames that we need to find a place for and Shazam has to finish organizing the remaining baseball cards and put them in their new storage area. This my friends is some real progress. Last time I blogged the crib was missing in action. I am pleased to report that a quick call to Baby and the crib was sent out to us and arrived the next day. I can't say enough about them, they rock.

My mom picked up the baskets we found at Tar.get. So we now have 8 baskets on one section of the built ins all ready to organize our baby items as they begin to arrive. Drew the cat really likes them and I have a feeling she will be very disappointed when the get filled.

We also got some great toys and other items from my friend Pam a few weeks ago and have filled the toy basket that my mom bought us (matches the shelf baskets) It is so great to see actual baby toys in the room. Very cool!

Shazam and our awesome friend Chort will be going to I.kea to pick up the dresser (and I am sure a few things we didn't think we needed but can't leave without) tomorrow. Shazam also picked up some paint samples just to make sure of the color. We are thinking of doing an accent wall with a darker shade of the green we picked out. I think we will probably end up painting the room the lighter color and then seeing if we need a pop of color to jazz the place up. I find it so hard to visualize with only small sq ares on the wall.

In that vein I played around with a free room design software online tonight (this of course is instead of working on tomorrows lesson, sorry kids!) to get an idea of how every thing will fit in the room.

I must say I am very excited how it seems to be coming along! It is pretty cool and easy to use. You pick the furniture from drop down menus and then can change the size, pivot and move it around your room very easily! I think it took me about 45 min to make the whole room. The room and furniture is to scale (the room's dimensions are 12'9" x 11'5" with the built in book case taking up 10 inches of that 2nd dimension). Here is how it came out. Just so you know the crib graphic shows the rainbow bedding! How did they know I was making a gay nursery!


Craving of Motherhood said...

Everything looks great!

Elise said...

i love every last thing. its going to look so GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

Love the gay nursery floorplan! And I'm definitely going to check out that site...

So glad to hear that the crib has landed after all that trouble!! The baskets are really cute!

Snickollet said...

Beautiful, of course. Love Drew in the baskets!