Monday, October 20, 2008

the wait goes on!

Well it is day 18 and no signs of ovulation so far. I am obsessing about the whole thing and taking both the digital and analog tests. I was taking both in the am but now have switched it up to taking the analog in the afternoon. I actually took an analog last night and both types this morning. All were negative so it is looking like my ovaries are not cooperating with the whole nh trip. Argh. Let's hope that if we get a positive tomorrow morning they can do an early morning iui on sat so we can go to the shower after. We continue to wait. All in all we both are feeling stressed about the whole process. I just want to get it started once we take the first step I will feel much better. Portia and Ellen better get their act together soon!

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Snickollet said...

Portia and Ellen have performance anxiety! Perhaps some relaxation in front of the TV with Grey's tonight will put them in the mood :).