Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Waiting Game

So now that the September cycle is over (really before it started) I am starting to think ahead for next month. So for all those folks playing along at home....I should start my period on October 6th which means that I should start using the opk on October 18th. I should be ovulating between day 16-19 so that would place a positive op test between October 21-24th. Then the two week wait will begin. If all goes well and the swimmers swim, find the egg and then the egg travels down the fallopian tube and implants (a lot to do but I have faith in the little bugger) then I should know if I am pregnant by the beginning of November. So now that I have laid this plan out so nicely I am sure it will all go to shit. At least it gives me a plan and something to keep me busy in the hurry up and wait life Shazam and I have just entered.

So now I am really putting the cart before the horse. How long does one wait to tell people IRL (in real life)? I am sure that if we succeed we will be posting away on here but when to tell the family and how? All thoughts are welcome. How long did you wait/will you wait?

Oh and a note: Many people use cute little abbreviations on message boards and blogs as I have done above. While I will be using some like opk (ovulation predictor kits) since it is just so long to type, I will refrain from some of the "cutesy" ones popular on many of the fertility sites. For example, my period has never and will never be referred to as "af" or "aunt flo". I mean really people. Are we all still in 7th grade and can't use the really words for things? Additionally if I test to determine if I am pregnant I will not be telling you that I "POAS" or "peed on a stick". I will be taking a pt or pregnancy test. I think this blog is already covering enough of my bodily functions. Do you really need me to tell you how I will conduct the previously mentioned test? Ok, Ok, I have used "spermcicles" in the past but hell I needed to make it seem more exciting than male haploid cells that have been separated from seminal fluid and cryo preserved for use in intrauterine insemination.


Anonymous said...

Completely agree can't stand the phrase Aunt Flo, even in the presence our 10 year old boys (insert Michael asking "what are those for" while i pick up a box of tampons at the grocery store) i still refer to it as my period. POAS is just stating the obvious with a splash of TMI.

Snickollet said...

I hate the abbreviations. I am glad that you are taking an anti-abbreviation stand.