Friday, December 26, 2008

IUI #3 complete

Eggy 3 was very cooperative and decided that the 26th was a fabulous day to arrive. I got a really nice Christmas present of a positive opk on Christmas Morning! Shazam and I went at noon today for our IUI. The midwife did our first IUI and it all went smoothly. We had a nice lunch at Not your Average Joe's and now we are home and relaxing on the couch. Shazam is enjoying her new ipod touch and I am enjoying that she can use it to go on the Internet via our wifi and I can be on the laptop blogging away. The touch is really cool and I think Shazam is really enjoying it. I am loving my new ipod dock for the kitchen and my awesome new coat from Jcrew. It was a really nice Christmas and I hope we get a nice gift in 2 weeks with a positive pregnancy test. Hope you all had a great holiday. Happy new year!

Go Eggy #3!!!!


Anonymous said...

How funny - my wife gave me an iTouch for Xmas too. I can't believe all the fun things it does - I've been playing with it nonstop!

Glad to hear the timing came together so well - I'm crossing my fingers for Eggy III!!

Meegs said...

Go Eggy III!!!

Snickollet said...

Go, Eggy III!!!

I think I'm getting a Touch for Christmas, too, but we haven't done our Christmas yet. Tomorrow . . .

Miss you guys! We're having fun in Oregon, though. See you in January.