Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009

So we made it through another holiday of driving between NH and MA to keep everyone happy. One of the cons of our families living so close...SSG and I end up spending half of Christmas in the car. We got through it and overall we had a fun day with our families. I love seeing my niece and two nephews on Christmas because really it's about the kids. We got an extra treat of SSG's sister actually saying "thank you" to us after she opened our present this year. (yes you did hear sarcasm and spite) My wife totally surprised me with an iPod Touch which is incredibly cool. It'a a very fun gadget and I'm a bit obsessed with it.

While SSG had the week off, as she's a teacher, I decided to take a vacation week because I hasn't taken a week off since our honeymoon in April. While I would have loved to go somewhere, it's just not in the financial cards. Have a little bit to go on wedding expenses, we're ya know trying to make a small person which isn't cheap, then add two car leases up in 2009. Gulp. So we're having what we they are now labeling a "staycation". We've been sleeping a lot, lounging on the couch, reading, and playing video games. Highly active. I'm becoming pretty good at Guitar Hero on my Wii. Now we have gone to the gym a couple times and that feels like a small victory. While I am getting some long overdue rest, I'm not 100% sure about this staycation thing. I feel unproductive and as my wife knows, I don't do well with this. It's hard for me to just sit. It's just how I'm wired. I've however decided that since we're trying to start a family I should enjoy the peace and quite while I can! On a side note, both my wife and I really aren't fans of New Year's Eve. It's just not important and it just seems like a silly so called "holiday", therefore we did nothing. We literally had leftovers and watched TV. We really are exciting.

Speaking of starting a family, we will probably be testing early next week. I must say this time I have no expectations and I've hardly thought about it. I think it's out of self preservation. I just don't want to have expectations and be disappointed. So we're just trying to have our vacation, spend time together, and what happens, happens.

Ahhh..2008. It was a year of chaos in the begging with all the wedding planning so we are looking forward to perhaps a quiet start to 2009. We'll see what the second half of 2009 brings..hopefully a cute, chubby baby!

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