Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Figgy and other stuff

I guess we've been slacking in the blogging department, but I'm happy to say we've reached week 11 and baby is the size of a fig. Granted my only reference to a fig is a Fig Newton but I know the baby is growing! There's so much going on and apparently the baby is moving more and more, though not enough for SSG to feel it.

After a disastrous visit with SSG's family the other weekend, where I was given the silent treatment by her sister and her family pretty much ignored the fact that SSG is pregnant with her first child, we actually spent most of the weekend in NH with my family. SSG and I were asked to babysit my niece and nephew Saturday night and then on Sunday was my other nephew's 12th birthday party. This was the plan anyhow and well, SSG's body had another idea. After prenatal yoga Saturday morning we ran an errand and grabbed a snack for her...and it was downhill from there. She probably had the worst day I've ever seen her have. To say she had nausea is an understatement. The poor thing on the drive up to NH had to really concentrate not to throw up in the car. We got to my parents and at that point decided that she just wasn't going to be up for the babysitting activity which was a minor league hockey game. My dad went with me and SSG stayed home with my mom. My mom took such good care of her as I knew she would. Sunday was much better for her and we had a good time at the birthday party.

So things are progressing nicely and I'm really hoping that my wife's nausea goes away soon so she can feel better.  We also have a 12 week ultrasound on Monday, March 2nd, and we're really looking forward to that!     


Meegs said...

Aww, hopefully she'll get some relief at 12+ weeks. And I can't wait to see your ultrasound pics!!!

~Jess said...

I'm not looking forward to the nausea and such :-(

I'm thinking about you guys...sorry it didn't go better with SSG's family.

R said...

wow. 12 weeks... that's awesome... so happy to be able to follow your journey.