Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome Kumquat!

Well we are now in week 10! The baby is now considered a fetus and is the size of a Kumquat. We didn't really know what one is but found some at who.le foods the other day. Word on the street is that they are very tart. I am feeling pretty good as long as I get enough rest. I have had some strange cravings this week. I called Shazam and let her know that I wanted Spaghetti.O's for dinner. I know it's not the most healthy choice but it was was yummy. I have not had them in probably 10 years so I think I am ok with my nutrition as long I don't make it a daily habit. I went to yoga again and again I feel much better after I go. I am happy I am going and I think it will keep me in better shape as I progress in the pregnancy. The little kumquat is really starting to look more human and less alien like which is pretty cool.
We have had a busy weekend with a party for a friend on Sat night. Then we had to go to my parent's house for my father's birthday. It would have been fine if I didn't have to see my sister. There had been some drama earlier in the week regarding scheduling getting together. My sister sent some snarky emails telling Shazam and I that we were not trying hard enough to make time to celebrate my father's birthday. Nothing really crazy but my sister was being a turd which is not all that unusual. Well, we decided to take the high road and just be nice yesterday. My sister however did not. She decided that her road would be not talking to Shazam, even when Shazam asked a direct question. She is just so rude. My parents walk on eggshells around my sister and always make excuses for her bad behavior. It has been this way my entire life so I have gotten a think skin and have learned to ignore it. Shazam however has not and my sister's behavior towards her was so uncalled for. So in addition to my sister ignoring Shazam my parents acted as though there was no problem with her acting this way. We left pretty soon after we had cake. My sister also doesn't like it when the conversation does not revolve around her so other than my mother asking me how I was feeling (before my sister got there) there was no mention of my pregnancy or the baby. You would think that the first time we are all together after telling them that we are pregnant that it would be a topic of discussion...especially seeing that it is the first grandchild and all. But no, we talked about how great my sister's new car is (she got it at Christmas does that still count as new) and her new cat. Yes you read me right, my mother had tons of questions about the damn cat but nothing about her grandchild to be! It is so hurtful. My mom actually sent my sister's cat a card this week welcoming her to the family. Did we get a congratulation's card for expecting...not so much. Argh!

The good news is that next weekend we are going to my in-laws. We are taking my niece and nephew to a minor league hockey game and staying over at my in-laws. My MIL actually volunteered to take care of Darwin while we were out with the kids. She also is stocking up on healthy foods for me. Why can't my actual mother be this excited? It makes me a little sad.

I am on vacation for the week so I am looking forward to the time to relax. I am fitting in a haircut and lunch with friends along with the time I will be spending on the couch. I hope you are all having a great weekend. Now I need to help my wife and clean the apartment.