Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

There are many times as an adult I wish I didn't have to make decisions. I mean any decision, big or small. It could be something completely stupid, like what I want to eat for dinner. I find it downright exhausting if I'm in a particular frame of mind. So yesterday SSG and I had two decisions we were faced with. One was waaay more important than the other but I thought my head was going to explode.

Let's start with decision #1 and the most important one. A little while back SSG blogged about trying to get in with this Dr. Wonderful that everyone raves about but alas we ended up on a waiting list. Well wouldn't you know with one appointment behind us and two scheduled at a practice affiliated with the hospital we wanted, SSG gets a call that we are off the waiting list if we want to go with Dr. Wonderful. I had actually forgotten about it but we really had a lot to mull over in a short amount of time as they needed an answer today. We talked about it last night with no conclusion and SSG smartly e-mailed our fabulous GP who thought we should stay where we are as the group we are with has a great reputation and the hospital we are going to deliver at is great too. Ultimately for me my thinking was, if we had a good feeling at the original practice, why change especially if Dr. Wonderful delivers at a hospital we're not crazy about? I mean what is so darn special about this doctor? I think we were stuck in our decision originally because of all the hype but honestly, we don't need to have a touchy-feely doctor who spends tons of time with us. We need a competent group of doctors and in my opinion if you want more time with the doctor be your own advocate! Ask questions! Ultimately it's a personal preference and we're going to stay where we are. So yes, we turned down Dr. Wonderful (GASP!) but this gives someone else a chance who really wanted her and we feel good about that.

On to decision #2...April vacation...right around our 1st Anniversary. Do we go somewhere? Can we afford it? This is what we've been mulling for a couple of weeks. We want to be smart financially but we also realize that come September we won't go on vacation (as in on a plane far away) for a loooooong time. I mean we're talking years and years because with daycare we won't be able to afford it. After my OCD number crunching and showing SSG (yes there were visuals in my presentation) that if we don't go somewhere super expensive and maybe just do like 4 days we could pull it off . So it looks like we're going to try to go to Puerto Rico for a few days for what we are calling "The Last Hurrah!"  By then SSG's nausea and fatigue should improve and she'll be in her second trimester so the timing seems good. Now we just need to book it!
Just as a side note, we're in week 8 and apparently baby is the size of a kidney bean!  Here are two cool pics I found to show its development.


Snickollet said...

You will not regret that vacation decision. You will have a blast, and you deserve a nice getaway before baby.

Your decision re: Dr. Wonderful is her loss :).

nutella said...

Hurray for the vacation decision. We did our last trip sans bebe during my 23rd week. And it was great, although I did get tired more easily than pre-pregnancy. And even though I had a noticable belly I didn't feel like a whale yet and was comfortable in my bikini.

~Jess said...

I think a get-away is an awesome idea!