Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Ultrasound, Grandparents, and Other News

Boy has it been a busy end of week/weekend.

I had a field trip to NYC on Thursday this week. I had to be at the bus at 5:45 am and we didn't get back until after 10 pm. It involved lots of walking and by the end of the day I was feeling pretty exhausted. I tried to rally on Friday. I had 3 classes in a row starting first period and did pretty well through them. I then started to go down hill and by the time my last class started a period later I was a mess and barfing. Thank goodness I had an aide in my room who told me to go home and another teacher was able to cover my last period study. Lesson learned...don't attempt to chaperon a very long field trip in the 1st trimester. After a nap and some food I did feel better though.

We had our 1st ultrasound on Friday afternoon and I am happy to announce that beanie is doing well. We got to see the heart beat and its leg and arm buds. It was very cool. The baby was measuring at 8 weeks 0 days even though I was 8 weeks 4 days at the time. I don't think this is a problem but it may change our due date. Beanie was standing on its head which Shazam thought was fitting seeing as I was a gymnast in my youth. It was very comforting to see the heart beating and that the beanster seems to be developing well. We go in on Monday for our first appointment with the ob so we will see how the appointment goes and whether the due date stays at 9/14 or if it gets moved back a few days.

After the appointment Shazam and I went to pick up some gifts for the grandparents. We got a cute picture frame for her parents and a onesie and bib for my parents. We also picked up a frame for ourselves for the ultrasound print. Then it was off to dinner to tell Shazam's parents that they were going to be grandparents for the 4th time. It went really well and after a little confusion about what the frame meant and who was actually pregnant, Shazam's parents were really excited about the baby. They were surprised but happy. It is a relief that they know and that they are excited. On the way home we called Shazam's sister and brother. My sister-in-law had figured out that we were trying (she found my thermometer at the lake house this summer) and had been waiting for an announcement ever since I started complaining about being tired on my status. My brother-in-law was excited too and is looking forward to being an uncle again. The niece and nephews are also excited to be getting a new cousin. We received a picture from my sister-in-law yesterday that my niece had drawn. It is the baby and Allison (the baby is on the left). I guess we don't need a 3-d ultrasound now.

Saturday I went to prenatal yoga again and I am finding that I feel much better after I go so I sighed up for the next 2 weeks. Then it was getting ready for my parents to come for dinner. We decided to get BBQ take out for dinner so I didn't have to cook. We had ribs, chicken, and pulled pork. It was yummy! After we ate we gave my parents their gifts and after some confusion they finally figured out that I was pregnant and they couldn't be happier. My Mum thought she would never be a grandparent but my Dad thought it could be in the cards so it was a complete surprise for her and happiness for him. Now I have to tell my sister but I am avoiding this as she can be difficult and I am not really looking forward to hearing her bad mouth our choice to have kids. I will call her but I am enjoying my time with everyone being happy for us and I would like it to last a little while longer.

I am looking forward to our appointment tomorrow and finding out if beanie is healthy and growing well.


Snickollet said...

I'm so glad everyone is happy for you! And that beanie is doing well. Isn't seeing the heartbeat so cool?

Can't wait to hear about tomorrow's appointment.

~Jess said...

I'm so happy that everyone is excited for you guys, and that you survived the fieldtrip, and that your ultrasound went well (that's a lot of 'and's).

cmd said...

Yay!!! So glad it all worked out well!